John Linton's blogged has been hacked.

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The Land of Smeg
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John Linton's blogged has been hacked.

Post by The Land of Smeg » Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:46 pm

Maybe it is time to scrape all of the HTML content and host it as a static-display in his memory.

I use a disposable email address system and I'm getting spam on<mydomain>.com
This email address was made unique to his Blog and it is not listed publicly on the site.
I run a tight ship myself, I highly doubt that of all the disposable email addresses I use that this would be the only one to get hacked. I do not even keep a record after I sign up, I delete the confirmation email.
Therefore I conclude that the database has been hacked into and the database stolen. With his Blog no longer updated it is just going to be matter of time before a vulnerability is exploited and it is offline for good.

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Re: John Linton's blogged has been hacked.

Post by Dazzled » Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:51 am

Do you have the email header? If you are convinced the site's been misused, send a copy of the message, including header, to Support.

I have often received spam on "disposable" addresses - so far, when examined, the headers have been spoofed. It gets a bit more sus if the address has only been used once for a given site though, and needs a close look.

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