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Carbon Neutral Update

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:08 pm
by NetworkAdmin
Exetel participated in Men of the Tree corporate tree planting day in WA.

Details and pictures are here: ... g-Day.html

Carbon Neutral Update

Posted: Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:33 pm
by ForumAdmin
Exetel has increased the donations it makes to cover the carbon emissions of travel of Exetel employees to and from work.

We will employ an 'outside consultant' in January to verify our current calculations and advise us on any additional requirements that may need to be addressed.

Carbon Neutral Update

Posted: Thu May 28, 2009 9:39 am
by ForumAdmin
Exetel will double the amount of money paid to plant trees to offset carbon emissions in the period 1st July 2009 to 30th June 2010.

Re: Carbon Neutral Update

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:11 am
by peterh_oz
It is good to know that my ISP and my web host (both Exetel) are 100% carbon neutral (or possibly over 100% which is even better!). Working from home (thus eliminating work-travel) we are looking at switching from our current 10% green energy to 100% green energy, thus moving closer to closing the loop.

Congrats Exetel and I hope all your current and future customers realise this.