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Good to be back! :D

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:52 pm
by drayzen
From being with Exetel since their inception, in 2008 I had to leave as they couldn't provide Naked ADSL in an exchange area I moved to.

I then went with iiNet, who were pretty good, until the takeover and it started to slide from there.

After moving again, I wound up with Optus who were absolutely atrocious. While the Cable speed/latency was great when I first signed up, over the two years I was with them it got progressively slower, I'm assuming as they proceeded to overload with subscribers in my area, to the point where their bundled Fetch service barely worked most of the time.
The entire time I was with them the user login also had broken features, when it worked at all.
Amazing that such a large business can be so shonky...

So I'm finally back with Exetel and it feels like coming home. Really sad to read that John has passed away in the time I've been gone (, but very happy to be back with a company where I know the owners actually care about their business. :)

I was pretty nervous having to go on the NBN after all the horror stories, but I lucked out in moving to the NSW Central Coast where it's already got FTTP installed, so I'm getting almost exactly the rated speed. Phew!

Funniest part is, my old forum login still worked and my posts from back in 2008 are still there! xD

Re: Good to be back! :D

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:25 pm
by James
Welcome back and thank you for the feedback, it is great appreciated.