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Hint for Telstra Cable users - My experience moving to Exetel NbN+VOIP from Telstra Cable + Landline

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 4:11 pm
by kkfat
I would give 9/10 to Exetel, very happy, detailed story below. However, disconnect from Telstra was a bit tricky, though I port my number away from them, instead of cancelling my account, they "renewed" my plan to an Internet only plan..... Not like when you port out your ADSL service from one provider to another, or porting out a mobile number when the old account gets terminated with no hassle. Disconnect from Telstra Cable, some manual contact is required, so, any Telstra Cable customer porting to Exetel please be aware.


Had Telstra Cable worked well for me, Coaxial with a very stable 100/10 connection, and landline in the package uses the separated traditional copper wire. All worked fine, a bit pricey but didn't have NbN available in my area back then.

- was comparing TPG NbN with Exetel, and found that TPG is not only more expansive, TPG also NOT providing static IP (unlike TPG ADSL where everyone gets a static IP there). So, though I have used TPG ADSL and was quite happy with it, have decided to go with Exetel in NBN.

- read many reviews saying Exetel not having the best customer service, but I never really needed much support from my ISPs in the past, decided to give it a try. (and after all I found the Exetel community, and the support team are pretty good)

18-Apr - Found Exetel has my address listed, ordered the unlimited package. Got email confirmation immediately.
18-Apr - Got my Exetel account created, can login, get my username/password set, see Broadband service pending. Setup Direct Debit.
18-Apr - Get the welcome letter, account number, and some information.
19-Apr - Got a $1 testing charge invoice to verify direct debit.
20-Apr - Got an email from Exetel saying due to the wait for my current carrier to release my old phone number, there is a slight delay to schedule my installation.
27-Apr - Was a bit concerned about how to check my progress, registered to the Exetel forum, very informative forum.
29-Apr - Got a confirmation email that a technician will come and do the NBN installation on the 6th of May.
01-May - Got the invoice for my modem delivery
02-May - Local NBN installation company called and confirmed the date/time
02-May - Modem was delivered
06-May - NBN installation was done smoothly, but the technician was just NBN, they know nothing about my provider, nor anything about my voice.
06-May - Got an email from Exetel with my broadband service credential in case when using a self supplied modem.
06-May - Called Exetel the first time around 7pm, was caller #25, wait time was around 23 min. The guy was able to confirm that VOIP needs to be requested manually by calling them again next morning when activation team is ready.
07-May - Called Exetel activation team and requested to start my VOIP number porting.
08-May - Trying to get VOIP progress status, found Kavinda in the forum was super helpful.
09-May - Got an email from Telstra stating "You have a new Telstra broadband plan" and I guess it is due to my number was ported away. Had to chat with Telstra for 30 min to have my account terminated with them, but they are quite reasonable in the process too.

Wouldn't say the whole process was lightening fast, but reasonable and smooth.

A thing for Exetel to consider is make VOIP porting request automatic when broadband service is activated. On top of that, if we can also have a VOIP status checking in "MyExetel" portal, it would help many customers. I guess there are probably less and less people running a landline these days anyway.

Still awaiting my VOIP to get activated, hopefully it will be nice and easy.

Speedtest results are also stable at 45/18 for a NBN50 plan, very good.

Well done Exetel, very happy customer.

Re: Hint for Telstra Cable users - My experience moving to Exetel NbN+VOIP from Telstra Cable + Landline

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 10:42 pm
by kkfat
As expected, today, I have also received the email from Exetel about VOIP successfully ported email. Together with the configuration credential.

Thought the modem was meant to be pre-configured, but I think the VOIP part is still left for the users to get a little bit of involvement.

Not very challenging. Just follow the steps here: ... A_for_VoIP everything was fine in just few minutes.

I gave it a try to configure the Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 to do the ZTE job, while the Broadband is easily setup with good performance, I had no idea how to get into the SIP Network configuration panel for the Telstra Modem. It seems a read only section to me. If I was able to get into the configuration, I would assume that using a Telstra Modem would be quite straight forward with Exetel for both broadband and VOIP.

Everything is up and running nicely, performance is good, what else can you ask?

Pretty happy.

Re: Hint for Telstra Cable users - My experience moving to Exetel NbN+VOIP from Telstra Cable + Landline

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 2:24 pm
by KavindaS
Firstly, we thank you for your valuable feedback and the positive comments of Exetel products and support.

Secondly, thanks for you your great suggestions! We always appreciate people sending ideas our way! I’ve sent it straight to our senior management team and product managers.

I have escalated the pending VOIP services, as soon as you had PM me, and got our provisioning department complete number testing with records completion. Glad the you have received the credentials with the activation confirmation now.

Reason for not having the VOIP configured is, PSTN to VOIP process takes time to complete and we don't have credentials to configure, prior dispatch of the modem to you.

Re: Hint for Telstra Cable users - My experience moving to Exetel NbN+VOIP from Telstra Cable + Landline

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 9:41 am
by kkfat
No worries, you are doing such an amazing job here KavindaS.

VOIP is already up and working nicely.

And one last thing to add to the experience, which should conclude the whole story. "Where did the $1 test invoice go?"

11th - May, got the invoice for the refund. $1 was refunded from the tested invoice to the nominated Direct Debit setup.

From the experience, I think the Broadband Service and the VOIP service from Exetel are probably running by two separated unit in Exetel. Like, the billing cycle is also separated. You get your broadband billing started when the service got activated, while you may still be waiting for the voice to get activated/ported. And when the voice is confirmed active, you will then get your VOIP billing cycle started. There are probably customers wonder a little during the process as what to expect and how things would get delivered. Hopefully my experience would help some of you there.

pretty nice and smooth in my experience, a new customer from 2067 NSW.