Pensioner Broadband Plans?

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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by Scuzzbucket » Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:35 pm

Flarespawn wrote "I agree that peak and off peak for pensioners is confusing but so are many aspects of the user interface... they are not tech savvy and again please look into the simplification of the page (how about an Advanced button that way there are less buttons for them)."
Pensioners are not morons and certainly not as most people here seem to portray them, intellectual drop outs of society. Really!!

Look I'm a pensioner and a lot of people I know are pensioners & we all use the internet for different reasons. I myself pay around $110/month for my adsl2+ (18/54gigs) which includes line rental (Bundled).

Now I use all of my 18Gigs every month on streaming radio, online gaming (yes us old folks play games .. just ask around) facebook, myspace, emails & of course youtube surfing & mov errr video capturing to name but a few activities us OLD people get up to.
And I want naked adsl and voip once I can port my own home number across.

Listen up people, 65 is not old. I know. My father is in his 80's and can use a mac & pc without any trouble. There are a lot of "young" people around who are not so Tech savvy as well .... should we also make a special account for them too???

My point is LEAVE THE PLANS AS THEY ARE..... Offer a discount if you will, but LEAVE THEM AS THEY ARE .... 1 gig a month???? I would use that and more in a day!!!

Exetel still offer the best plans in the country and if you want to make a "No Frills" account then fine, just don't call it a Pensioner Account ....I find it offensive!!
In three words I can sum-up everything I've learned about life: It Goes On !

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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by smoky_stu » Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:59 pm

Have to agree that taking away plans such as the 256/64 were a wrong move, as I agree with hbfix2 that these would be great for pensioners.

As one who has 9 years to go before retirement, and a user of the top ADSL1 plan, I hope to be able to afford to keep up with the latest and fastest when I do retire, as I'm one who has used it for many educational puposes as a teacher, and for many other reasons, it would be hard to go backward. So in saying this though, if I can't afford the $80 odd a month the keep my VoIP and top ADSL1 plans going, I'll be suffering a slower plan and none too happy about it I should imagine. So, a plan that has perhaps shortened download limits etc. could be a way of people like me keeping the speed that we are used to.

I can see this thought train the many have already put to the forum, being a great marketing tool for Exetel, as it would open up an untapped customer base, but it would have to be genuine and up front for the pensioners to part with any hard earned monies. Don't forget one thing as well, I'll be a self funded retiree, but still have to watch what goes out as far as money goes, so as far as it goes, ALL pensioners should be included whether on a Govt pension or self funded retiree's.

Have to also agree with Scuzzbucket that pensioners are not morons when it comes to computing or internet use. I came in at DOS at an age most young think of today as too old, 'how did you understand what you were doing' remarks, but we have brains that don't stop working unless we just want to sit around a vegetate all day, and that can happen to a 20 yr old.

Yes, by all means, discount something, make some plans affordable for those people who can't afford it as it is, but for those who want to keep up with the latest and greates speeds, yes, I'd like discount, but would not like less speed and download limits for myself. Perhaps another discount at that stage for extra long term member, I get 10% now as a long term user, in 9 years time it must classed as an extra long time user, so perhaps 20% discount .... :wink:

Good thinking Exetel for bringing up such a wonderful idea!

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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by Joebotron » Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:15 am

We have received a number of suggestions that we should offer discounts for pensioners via the suggestion box recently.

Our reasons for not doing this in the past have been that we have almost no profit in our broadband offerings as they stand to make any discount.
You don't need to make excuses for not having offered one previously...
However, if there was a demand we could construct some broadband plans at our cost as a minor contribution to the possibly harder times that may happen in the not too distant future.
Bad sentence and more unnecessary information. Sorry but it really irks me.
We would welcome any suggestions on:

1) What is a 'pensioner' and how can this be qualified on an on line order form?
I'd define a 'pensioner' as a person receiving a Centrelink benefit and is the holder of a Pension Concession Card (PCC)

I work for the ACT Road Transport Authority - we verify pension concessions for vehicle registration over the phone using this service: ... mation.htm

As long as they provide their CRN, name and address you'll have no issue verifying the legitimacy of their claim. Keep in mind that people's conditions change, whilst they may hold a PCC when they apply their conditions can change and they may not be receiving a pension when their subscription is up for renewal.
2) What 'plan profile(s)' would be applicable.
I'd probably look at reducing the initial costs rather than designing special plans - persons on a lower income are able to pay for monthly services but will often have difficulty affording larger sums to begin the service.
For instance I would think there would be no need for much download allowance and no 'off peak' allowance at all.
Why? Pensioners aren't just old people.

There is the Age Pension - typically they will be the users who use the least.

Disability Support Pension - I wouldn't be surprised if this demographic actually use the internet more than average.

Single Parent Payment (Single) - they have at least one child under 18 years of age living in their household, enough said.

and Carer's Payment - again, may use more than usual given the opportunity due to their more housebound conditions.
I would think that someone wanting to save money on their broadband expenditure would already have a modem.
I wouldn't. Offering a pension concession will probably attract more pensioners to sign up to ADSL for the first time. Perhaps offer a modem on instalment payments?
I would think there would be no need for VoIP or SMS inclusions.
See "not including download allowance / off peak" - same reasons apply.
However we may be quite wrong and would welcome suggestions - especially from 'pensioners'.
Strange how the post starts off referring to Exetel as "we could" and "we have", then halfway through it refers to itself as an individual saying "I would". Yeah I know, I'm pedantic.

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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by julielu » Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:50 am

1. 'Pensioners' already get a govt paid annual broadband payment through centrelink.
2. Pensioners are seniors /disability / single parent /carer classes.
3. Concession card holders ( ie Low income -centrelink recipients could be better considered. A straight reduction in plan fee would suit people I know. Although initial costs seem high, and incentives are a drawcard ,r nothing beats the ongoing discounted plan to assure customer loyalty (as long as service is reliable!)
Notwithstanding, as a pensioner, i am well served by existing low cost exetel sevice ( chosen for value for usage) except have noticed difficulty with busy service around lunch times of late.
Chewy on the boot to those who feel insulted by 'pensioner classification' , but they have a valid point: pensioners are not ALL in an underprivileged class and for the seniors variety it may well be said that with age managing cost and value is applied with greater wisdom!! Concession cardholders are the underprivileged- eg uni students and kids new to the unemployment ranks.

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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by agro69 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 1:39 am

i'm on a disability pension,& i dont expect any one to offer me a discount on my broad band currently on the TL-BA planat $ 50 a month which is exelent value,as i am a high gig user.i was with telstra & was paying $80 a month for 25 gig what rip off merchants.i'm going to get voip when i save up $ 80 for a new modem after all who could knock back 100 free calls a month for long distance callsi make a lot of long distance calls each month phoning my parents & inlaws& telstra are charging me & 110 a month for unlimeted long distance calls& i sertanly wouldnt make 100 calls , more like 50 -60 calls.i'm only 46 & been on a disability pension for 7 yrs & it can be a strugle at times, if exetel were to offer a pensioner discount may be they could offer say $5 or $ 10 a month which would b reasonable.& as for proof of being in recpt of getting a pensionall that would be required is a copy of the pension card & may be a drivers licence to prove that u are that person & live at that address 8)

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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by peterh_oz » Thu Apr 23, 2009 2:25 am

jokiin wrote:
peterh_oz wrote:
Regarding travelling, yes you can notify centrelink but your PCC is still suspended whilst overseas. So if exetel check your eligibility, your will show as "not a pensioner". For privacy reasons the only answer from centrelink is "yes" or "no", not "yes but temporarily overseas".
realistically who would be doing a one time only application for a special deal anyway, logically it would either get done before or after any travel

I assumed you would check regularly (maybe annually or quarterly) with centrelink, otherwise you'd be offering a pensioner discount for life, when some people are no longer pensioners, eg returned to work or no longer a single parent.

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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by peterh_oz » Thu Apr 23, 2009 2:37 am

Flarespawn wrote:One thing I noticed right away is that they won't use the txt facility which is loaded every month with $2.- worth of freebies... reason being is that the interface is way to difficult for them. The interface was a hard nut to work out for myself perhaps the interface / webpage should look a lot more like an iphone style with icons instead of descriptive text.
Have you tried the software download version of SMS?

I installed this for mum, she types in a mobile number and sends the message.

She also send messages via skype which I can receive via fring (or nimbuzz) on my mobile, for FREE.

She is not techie (18 months ago I had to show her that the tail of the mouse points up, not down!) but once shown she muddles along and gets the hang of things if they're shown in a simple way.

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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by peterh_oz » Thu Apr 23, 2009 2:41 am

keithsharkie wrote:The last thing I would want would be an Oh yes you can have that but you cant have that type of account. the thought makes me shudder.
This is not part of the plan. The idea is to offer something to entice pensioners (who remain on dial-up for $$ reasons) to switch to broadband, without hurting their already sore hip pocket. At no point was "if you're a pensioner you must choose this plan" mentioned. You could have a SHDSL plan if you want one - but you won't get a pensioner discount for it.

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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by Llian » Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:32 am

Haven't read the whole thread, just the last few pages, so, shoot me if my ideas/input is already here.

Prices with Exetel are already great and should be left as is. Pensioners, as I believe was mentions on JL's blog, already can apply for a discount from the govt. It's not huge, but its more than alot of others get. To entice more people to come who are in this lower income bracket startup costs might be an area that can be looked at. If they need a modem/router for instance, perhaps instead of the upfront cost, have a 12 month contract where they also pay it off over that time period. Also, pre-configuring said device might make it a little more attractive as well.

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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by katdav17 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:50 am

I think a Pensioner plan is a great idea. Really I think you could get rid of the Off Peak data and just have the current peak data for use at all times at a reduced rate. I know a few people who would benefit from that.

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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by PottsForum » Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:41 am

You no doubt by now see what a sticky issue this has become. You will also open up the floodgates on other groups of people who will scream discrimination (eg religious, indiginous, X-gen, Y-gen, boomers, etc...). My advice, as others have suggested, is to keep your plans simple and accessible to anyone. You may only create a never-ending nightmare for yourself otherwise.

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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by soaper » Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:49 am

PottsForum wrote:Exetel,

people who will scream discrimination (eg religious, indiginous, X-gen, Y-gen, boomers, etc...).
i find this idea of the discrimination scream curious.

there are meaningful and otherwise discounts offered to pensioners already , and i dont see screams at my local movie houses, chemists, hairdresser, electrical store with free delivery for us old crones,

those discounts are very clear and openly displayed in some cases and not so obvious in others.

so far the revolution hasnt come.

movies houses used to only give a discount to aged pensioners...not sole parents etc

students of all ages are offered discounts on a huge range of goods and services and i have never heard anyone complain about that.


Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by rusty100 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:56 am

I am not a pensioner but I suggest that many pensioners are time rich and money poor. If so, they might be pleased to have slower access at lower cost. With payment by usage, a user has more control over costs.

I expect that VOIP will be come increasingly popular as a means for low cost social interaction. Conference calls may become more important for socialising, and this might set a lowest feasible speed.

As for the definition of pensioner, you might like to steer clear of that and just provide services that appeal to time rich money poor clients.


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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by James » Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:43 am

ButterBall wrote:As has been said before not all pensioners are aged pensioners. There is a growing number of Disability Pensioners in our community.

James I can only say you may be very young, idealistic and perhaps a little heartless, perhaps still living at home yet what has happened to me could easily happen to you next month or next year etc. Just when you think you are at the top of your profession.

It is a status not chosen or planned for. I was up until recently a senior programmer of web & software applications for many large corporates and competitors of exetel and then one day I got very ill and found myself in a hospital and was diagnosed with a chronic illness that makes it pretty much out of the question of ever resuming that type of work. My mind gets too fuzzy to program yet I can still look, read, listen and talk. For 6months I could not even right click.

I spend no less time on the internet keeping up with news, technologies, networking with friends(even more important now) and former colleagues, downloading , watching media and researching medical articles and other ways that I can supplement my vastly reduced income.

Until you end up in this type of position you can not understand the day to day realities of isolation, what pensioners mean by having very very little money after rent to actually buy food, costs of medications(not all drugs are covered by the PBS), travel to doctors & specialists offices.

I am more than happy with the naked dsl exetel services as they are now. When I signed up for them I wasn't a pensioner. But now I am any discount would be helpful not a reduction in services.

Perhaps a less harsh policy when account payments go wrong that can leave pensioners totally disconnected until a payment can be made. In actual fact once you are cut off it hinders your ability to attend to organising payment. Centrelink payments for me vary from fortnight to fortnight and they don't always coincide with my exetel debit days.

My ability to do things like I use to has been greatly reduced yet my need and want to do as much as I can online and via VOIP is greater than it was before.

At the end of the day it does come down to money in every consideration for me. I don;t need anyones sympathy I only ask how would you like to be serviced if you were a pensioner and you can't go to work?

Thank you
Hi Butterball,

I'm sorry about the situation you are in, but I personally believe that our plans are already the lowest cost in the market, and that any change should benefit everyone, or spent on improving our products.


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Re: Pensioner Broadband Plans?

Post by Minnie242 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 10:03 am

I have been reading all the "pro`s" and "con`s" about this subject,and i`d like to put my thoughts into it as well..

1. A Pensioner is someone who is receiving a current pension payment from Centrelink(i.e. Old Age,Disability,Carer`s,Single Parent)
As a receiver of a disability payment and housebound quite a lot,i find my pc and the net to be my best friend at times,i use a lot of my monthly quota (peak and off-peak) viewing and downloading emails,using facebook,Ebay,Youtube etc etc...not to mention the important updates for Windows and other programs as well.
I am "tech savvy" as some on here say,and i`m not that young either

2. To take away the sms facility would be criminal,as i use this quite a lot,as 8c per sms is a lot cheaper than 25c from my mobile phone,so i`m saving money there straight away.

3. I know if the suggested changes came into place for pensioners i for one wouldn`t want to go on that plan,i like my quota per month,i like my free and cheap sms`s.

Is there a way of designing a plan where pensioners can choose what they need??...or,give them a plans with options to cut their quota and the sms`s,i know my dad doesn`t need this facility as he doesn`t even have a mobile phone (yet he`s 80 and he uses the net).

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