Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by Babau » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:03 pm

I'd be sold on the naked unlimited plan. It would result in Exetel moving me off one of the old plans they've recently had to increase in price and seeing another $15 per month out of me.

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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by Satyr216 » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:04 pm

I think it's a great idea and I would sign up for a deal like this. If it's only for 'loyal' customers, it seems like a great way to keep them loyal. Even better if it's only offered to customers who aren't big time downloaders (like me).

$75 a month is extremely reasonable for unlimited downloads and the phone included. Even considering the fact that I'm not a heavy downloader (I happily sit under 12gb most months. Even less for off-peak), basically every time I buy a game off steam or something I end up going over that limit. It'd be worth the extra to not have to dick around with that.

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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by propagandme » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:13 pm

I would be interested - I am currently paying $75 a month for the 30GB/60GB plan with $3/GB over limits plus telephone.

My partner and I have been with Exetel for about 5 years (3 years separately and 2 years together) - but again at different addresses and sometimes alternating between my partner and I as the name of the user. So I assume we would not be eligible for this until we reached 12 months on our latest contract (end of July).

My main interest in this would be not worrying about the time when downloading content onto my Tivo - since Exetel is not one of the partners to which Tivo downloads are unmetered - I often have to set them to download on off-peak times rather than at the time I want to watch the movie/show. I don't think I'll download any more than I do currently - I just won't have to worry about time.

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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by Takahe » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:31 pm

Given the program I'm currently on is, on 1st April, to rise from $55- (INC2DSLA - incl. phone line) to $60 per month the option 1) ADSL2 (plus telephone line) - $50.00 per month - downloads/uploads @ 50 cents per gb - capped at $A75.00 per month - looks pretty sharp.

Like a number of others I appreciate the upload/download access speeds when needed but generally don't need the heavy download capacity (or paying for others who do). Frankly, I'd rather stick with Exetel as the service has been reliable (once Optus got their part of the act together), timely interruption notification, good webpages and the price unassailable by any of the callers from Optus/Telstra offering their services (generally after their spiel and my reply - they wish me 'good day').

One thing though... I find Exetel is still a well-kept secret. I have never seen anything about you folks EXCEPT on the internet.

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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by patient » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:40 pm

I see from John's blog he is considering a naked plan offering now so that is good. It seems to be semi unlimited (50c/GB) with a cap eg $70 for naked and downloads beyond that are free.

As many others have mentioned I think that it encourages the wrong type of users to join/abuse the service - which could reduce the quality of the service (speed) for all. Better to let TPG and AAPT slug it out for these customers - that can be their niche. If usage continues to go up due to tv programs etc then increase the quota (i love iview and wish it could be automatically put into the offpeak quota-i have to start and finish these programs before noon).

Please also consider increasing the offpeak period instead of offering unlimited. this gives customers greater flexibility (and value) but without drawing in the download hogs. or maybe allow people to choose their own offpeak period; with weightings for different times of the day eg offpeak between 7-10pm (ie 3 hours) is the same as 12hrs between 1am and 1pm or some variation. and allow us to change it on a semi regular basis eg monthly or quarterly. you could offer a default setting then allow us to change it if we wish.

Or maybe offer something where we can vary our usage easily and at no cost one month but keep it steady over a calendar year eg for our household we need more during the university year (5 uni students) and less over summer (they leave to go overseas) - this would be complimentary to other households who may wish to increase their usage over summer. For example when i adjust my superannuation online i have to allocate a % to different options eg 10% cash, 20 % equity and 30% fixed interest etc to arrive at 100%. Maybe something like that could be used by customers over a 6 or 12 month period. It could be adjusted each month keeping in mind what was allocated the previous month/s (If the variability makes planning too uncertain then consider allowing changes/reallocations once every 3 months.). so if i allocate 10% in jan then i have 90% left to reallocate for the remaining months (or 10% for jan to mar then i have 70% left for the remaining months. Of maybe this is way complicated and fraught with danger - but then like super funds you have a default setting and those who wish to manage their usage can do so. Just a thought.

i think greater flexibility not only gives more value to customers but is more likely to create loyalty - the perception of control is valued and leads to higher involvement and attachment and hopefully greater search and switching costs. it is also a unique offering that the big providers would be unable to match due to the complexity and fear of too much choice. You can minimise complexity with default settings.


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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by camgrant84 » Fri Mar 12, 2010 1:59 pm

I would be very keen for this. I have been an Exetel customer since July 2003 (I think, maybe 2004) and have signed 6 or 7 other people up during that time.

Legitimate sources of downloading unfortunately use up more of your allowed limit than their torrent alternatives. For example, a TV show on iTunes ranges in size from 590mb - 630mb.

This would be a great thing in my mind.

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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by barry326 » Fri Mar 12, 2010 2:16 pm

I would probably fall into the category of a heavy user. I'm generally on the largest plan offered, and I use most of it. I doubt I'd use much more on an unlimited plan, but I do like the idea of a naked (as I'm currently on) unlimited plan to eliminate the worry of going over by a little. I think that's a great idea.

I would want to know more details about the speeds though, will there be any shaping if you hit a certain level, will the general speeds on unlimited be about the same as they are now, stuff like that? All just in the fine print of whatever offer is made, so that's easy enough to figure out when it comes time to decide to switch or not

I am concerned however, with the thought of being placed back under contract. I've been with Exetel for a bit over 3 years now I think, and I've always been quite happy with the service provided. I plan to stay for as long as I'm at my current address, and would most likely re-connect if I moved, as long as it was possible.

But by your own words in the email and first post:

"We think that there will be ongoing 'convulsions' in the marketplace and there will be many permutations that will change ADSL2 offerings quite substantially over the coming months"

Sounds a little like signing on for something that will almost certainly incur many changes to the service very early on in it's life. I definately would want to give it a go, but would prefer to be able to change back to a quota plan (still with exetel) if major changes made it something less than when I first switched to it, without punishment for moving away from something that has had so many changes to it's original form.

And cheers for recognising the users who have been around a while, I know a number of you have been around for quite a bit longer than me, but it's nice to be thought of as a longterm loyal customer


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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by bigkev81 » Fri Mar 12, 2010 3:25 pm

Unlimited ADSL2 plan?!!?
I have been very happy with all my Exetel services, and have been hoping for an unlimited plan ever since I signed up!!!
Looks like Santa read my letter last christmas :D

I like how every few months I recieve an email telling me that Exetel are increasing download quota's on my plan.
But this is the best notification to date IMO since most months I go over my downloads and the new ADSL plans don't have the shaping option as the old plans did.

Barry326 brings up a good point about shaping. Any news on what the limit will be before your connection is shaped?

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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by jskf01 » Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:02 pm

I would definitely want to sign up should the plan become available. I am out of contract and been with exetel 2 years. I am about to switch over to TPG soon cos of the lousy speeds I have been getting lately but if this offer comes in time I might just stay:)

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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by Cripple » Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:15 pm

Whether I take it up or not, I think it's a fantastic idea. I used to be a TPG customer, but left because they do some incomprehensible things.
Here is an example: This is one of their special notes on the ADSL2+ with TPG Home Phone plans
TPG Home Phone is not available to any existing TPG customers.

Basically, TPG screws loyal customers and only want new ones so they look good on paper. Although, TPG may be the cheapest, Exetel has been far far better in terms of service than TPG ever was or will be. Exetel rewarding loyal customers by doing things like this makes good business sense and makes me happy I stayed with them.

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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by bigflytiger » Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:38 pm

I have been with exetel since 2003, no big problem,
sometime speed is bit slow, but the speed is pretty stable now
I would love to have unlimted plan, will be the 1st one to sign up
I believe in next 5-10 year , half of ISP will provide unlimited plan, number will increase when the NBN finish :lol:
esp when more stream tv is availble , price can be very competitive comparing with FOXTEL, AUSTAR etc.
cant wait any longer

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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by peacefulwarrior » Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:48 pm

1) ADSL2 (plus telephone line) - $50.00 per month - downloads/uploads @ 50 cents per gb - capped at $A75.00 per month
I'd be in on that.

Gives me the option of a cheaper fee per month than I'm currently on but still know my maximum spend if I do need to download a large amount one month.


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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by meelek » Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:59 pm

I would agree that the idea of an unlimited plan is certainly quite appealing. As a user that often utilises <50% of my available limit on a middle-of-the-road plan I am not what you would call a 'heavy user', but there are certainly times where I would like more quota available. Numerous times I have been frustrated at not being able to download a purchased game (certainly my preferred method) until the off-peak period began due to the limitations of the peak / off-peak system. The concept of a plan where users don't have to even think about what time it is or how much quota they have remaining is certainly something that I feel is ultimately a good idea for all users, especially with the increasingly connected nature of society and the move to cloud computing and network services.

I am also aware of the other side of the argument though and don't wish to have to put up with a constantly saturated connection simply because users can download all day everyday. Exetel's network infrstructure is (apparently from some of the posts here) not currently up to the demands of peak usage as it is, so how detrimental would this type of plan be to the average user? I am sure that capacity will continue to increase over time, but will this keep up with the surge that an unlimited connection may create, once again this is difficult to say.

One solution to this that has been proposed is unlimited access to certain services such as youtube, steam, extel mirrored content etc, but in the long run I don't think this is any more productive than an all-encompassing unlimited plan. This is because access to these services is a large part of what is behind the push towards unlimited connections, not just torrents, and as users increasingly become aware of and use these services the network demand will increase anyway.

Perhaps an alternate solution could be (and I'm not a network engineer by any standard, so I have no idea as to the feasability) the shaping of high-use connections periodically during high-activity periods. For example, a user downloading at max capacity for 10hrs could have his connection speed throtteled when the network usage increases at 6pm due to other users logging on. For most people this would not be an issue, as the speed could be maintained at a reasonable speed (say 8mb/s) sufficient for most downloading activities, and the average user would not be impacted in their day-to-day internet activities as they could have their connection at full speed.

As to the idea of offering such plans to 'loyal' customers I think that this is a good idea for the initial roll-out, and could be reconsidered later depending on the movements of other companies. I do think though that any customer that has been loyal for a set period (in you example 12 months) should be allowed to switch to this plan, not simply those that are without contract, as I feel this unfairly punishes those that have chosen to change plans and have had contracts renewed for 12 months etc.

Thanks to all those that read this btw...

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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by templeth » Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:59 am

Well.... That is something to ponder about.

I've noticed that *many* of the posters in this thread have made a count of a single post within the extel forums and on top of that quite a few who have signed up in the past year. This has definitely gotten some attention.

It is one *heck* of a competitive move and that said an amazingly generous offer from exetel. You guys are impressive I tip my proverbial hat to you. (I wear beanies not hats.) Well I take of my beanie and swing it around in circles for you. I feel quite happy doing it right now.

Without hesitation I'd lap up the naked deal. That is amazing value.

On a side note I would be more attracted to have a guarantee of high speeds. Unfortunately my speed has recently been halved (was 14mbps now 7mbps) without changing location. Think it has something to being ported over to a lower quality cable. Anywho if I could be guaranteed 10mbps I'd glady pay an extra $10 more on my particular plan. What can I say I'm a corrospondence IT student who lives in a cave. The less frustration I have from waiting for downloads the better.

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Re: ADSL2 Unlimited Plans (For Exetel Users Only)

Post by dbr » Sat Mar 13, 2010 7:22 am

1) ADSL2 (plus telephone line) - $50.00 per month - downloads/uploads @ 50 cents per gb - capped at $A75.00 per month
Does that mean uploads will be counted as well??
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