Off Peak Period Change

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by G00f » Wed May 05, 2010 4:33 pm

Wow, good timing Exetel. Do you do this on purpose just after the beginning of the month?
I was out of contract until 5 days ago when I changed plans and am now back in contract.
Now this new plan will not be suitable for me under the new off-peak hours and I'll have to change again.
If you'd announced this a week ago it would have saved a lot of grief.

How about you waive the change fee if people now need to change to a plan with more peak quota???

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by vaneagle » Wed May 05, 2010 4:35 pm

ForumAdmin wrote: Replacing the 'lost' bonus download time Exetel ADSL users will be given the option of getting a 'free' wireless service:

Monthly Access Charge: $0.00

PAYU Downloads: 1.75 cents per mbyte

Modem if required: $50.00

Contract Length: 12 months

Current customers can transfer to this plan via the User Facilities from June 1st 2010

I have no issues with the changes as I am not a heavy user.

In relation to the wireless option, does this mean that I keep my adsl2 plan but get a wireless plan as well for free? Obviously pay for a modem of $50.

Which modem?

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by adamdmills » Wed May 05, 2010 4:41 pm

I'm very disappointed in this change. As has been mentioned, not only does this limit the amount that can be downloaded during off-peak times, it puts extra strain on our peak quotas. Adding an extra 180 hours onto the monthly peak period will significantly affect my ability to use the internet as I do now.

I understand that times are tough and that Exetel are running a business, not a charity. But this is, in my opinion, an unacceptably large change and a massive reduction in value. I, for one, will be looking around for another provider unless something is done about this. (And yes, I know that Exetel's attitude is "My way or the highway", but I wonder how a mass exodus will look on their bottom line.)

colostomy bag
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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by colostomy bag » Wed May 05, 2010 4:43 pm

Done - complaint lodged

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by Bozza » Wed May 05, 2010 4:46 pm

Another disappointed customer here.

As it is I find myself going over the on-peak download limit (Last month by 14gb) mostly due to online X-Box 360 game play which uses 1gb per day at the very minimum and can't be "scheduled" as we tend to sleep during the hours you are now offering.

This change to the off-peak period is going to mean I'll likely go further over the on-peak download limit therefore having to pay more than the upwards of $90 i'm already forking out for this service and other services I also have with Exetel (HSPA, VoIP, 2x domains and a reverse dns).

Before the suggestion is made I increase my plan I'm already on the FP-D2 ADSL1 plan and have just recently changed to this plan therefore am stuck on a new 12 month contract so changing providers isn't really a suitable course of action at this point.

Your compensation is of no use to me as I already have an HSPA account with at least 12 months remaining on the 24month contracts you were using at the time.

A more suitable form of compensation as several people have already mentioned would be an increase in peak downloads.

That's my 2c worth.

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by Magnus » Wed May 05, 2010 4:47 pm

Just chiming in to say I am also pretty annoyed by this.
One thing I would like to suggest after reading this thread is to offer a third period.

Why not have
12pm-12am PEAK
12am-2am OFFPEAK
8am-12pm OFFPEAK

Offer like a 60gb or something offpeak period, maybe less considering it is only 6 hours now.

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by bandario » Wed May 05, 2010 4:55 pm

It would have been a difficult decision to make but I think exetel has made the right one for now, and I am thankful that they have finally addressed the problem.

There are infinite scenarios that will suit some individuals better than others etc, and I will certainly miss being able to wake up of a weekend and not think twice about my usage, but at some point it becomes necessary to set limits for the greater good of the entire user base and stick to them.

Outside of limiting offpeak in this way, there are precious few logistically viable solutions to curbing the type of periodic congestion that has been occurring of late.

In a perfect world, a 100% unmetered service would have even less problems of this nature, but we are looking at a group of users who will download at 100% linespeed for as long as they can stack hard drives and not have to pay for data.

A sensible outcome for all I long as they don't try and push me onto one of the unlimited plans :|

Those recent posters thinking of action with the TIO. If you address your concerns politely to the accounts department, especially given the circumstances of having JUST signed a contract, you might find them more than willing to consider no-fee termination.

Look on the bright side, if you stick around, at least you will have a usable service.

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by osama » Wed May 05, 2010 4:57 pm

I just couldn't believe this when I received the email - I'm only 5 days into what was the new Unlimited plan! (which cost me $10, now I pay more monthly as well. damn! I'm a pensioner)
forgive me, but this is a blatent rip off.
I don't want the silly wireless service (what, are you offering another opportunity to be ripped off thanks for nothing!)
this is not good enough.
I believe that you'll lose a lot of customers through this course of action, I for one am very unlikely to continue on after this contract, just as I won't be recommending your service to any more friends - how could I, if you're going to chop and change (that's 2x in 12 months that exetels stuffed around with the off-peak times.
I'm very, very angry.

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by karlheather » Wed May 05, 2010 5:02 pm

Another unhappy customer.

Agree strongly with Magnus' suggestions re the OFFPEAK / UNLIMITED / OFFPEAK option.

Your sales page online still states the 12AM -> 12NOON so unless you want more unhappy 'NEW' customers like hardlogic I would think about updating that immediately.

Understand some movement will occur, but to cull it in half and give away something I have no interest in as a softener is ridiculous.

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by Tazz » Wed May 05, 2010 5:02 pm

The part of this I really don't like is that between Midnight and 2am, if you browse a few YouTube clips etc before going to bed, you are already chewing into the peak period for the new day!!

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by bandario » Wed May 05, 2010 5:03 pm

I would prefer to think of it as a baited leech trap than any attempt at revenue raising :p

TIO without approaching exetel themselves first is a bit ridiculous.

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by whoknows » Wed May 05, 2010 5:03 pm

I'm a bit confused by the wireless option.

The original post describes it as 'free' (a term that JL has said that he doesn't like) and makes no mention of a minimum spend.

The second post then seems to suggest there is a minimum spend - no idea where they got that idea.

In the third post, ForumAdmin acknowledges that zero minimum spend would be nice but difficult, suggesting the current options are in no sense 'free'.

Could the original post please be updated to state clearly what the minimum spend would be, whether it is $0 or something else? And if it is something else, please remove the word 'free'.


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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by caspersky » Wed May 05, 2010 5:10 pm

Just want to comment a little bit here. I have been an Exetel customer since 2008 (not very long as compared to many senior members though), and one of the great advantages that keep me recommending Exetel to my friends is your generous 12am-12pm off-peak period. I always laughed at TPG's 4am-9am off-peak when my friends asked my opinions about TPG.

Please understand that reduction of off-peak period is a double-side effect because it also increases peak quota usage. It is nice to know that it is 'safe' to watch videos from YouTube on 10am because i am still utilizing my off-peak period. Now with this change we 'lost' this value, this convenience. It is the inconvenience that this reduction will cause that is being complaint by the customers. And this is also a vital point for customers to choose Exetel over its competitors.

I can't emphasize any stronger the importance of the period of off-peak period as a value. Seriously Exetel, you need to develop plans that are actually sustainable in the long run. I am sure many of us (especially those who are still in contract) prefer stability over 'big surprise'.

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by Xander » Wed May 05, 2010 5:19 pm

I have been an Exetel customer since 1 month after they started operating.

I was therefore only too happy to move to one of the new unlimited plans.

What's the harm, I thought. Now this. It's the sting in the tail.

I'm very angry about this. To make a 50% reduction in the contract terms 5 days into the contract!!! It's unheard of!!!

I will be contacting Exetel to explain my disappointment regarding these changes.

Depending on their response, I will then contact the TIO.

After so many years, I had expected better. You have let me and those I recommended down.

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Re: Off Peak Period Change

Post by Rattler » Wed May 05, 2010 5:23 pm

Hello One and All!!!

Hope we are all well.

Frankly, I have worked with Exetel's support to solve some dramas with VoIP and speeds and have had a good time of it - namely VoIP is good and speeds are....well....tolerable. The increase in plan cost with the removal of free VoIP per month had a material impact on my contract. I remained thanks to the loyalty support generated and in a significant slab, the off-peak D/L period. Note mine is presently 2am to 2pm. I use the off-peak for specific downloads as required for upgrading Linux Boxes and other apps that consume a large slab of my quota. Therefore, this reduction in off-peak with any commensurate increase in Peak D/L limit has a significant and monetarily adverse affect on my access and in effect, contract. Despite Clause 9, the flow-on impact is a reduction in 'real' value.

I register my displeasure at this change and find it materially modifies the offer that I accepted when I signed on with Exetel. The accumulation of changes is now significant and one cannot be viewed in isolation when considering the numerous changes to the contract and conditions under which it is expected to apply.

I eagerly hope common-sense and a refocus on customer service ensues and I can remain a happy Exetel customer and supporter.