ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by Darvids0n » Fri Sep 10, 2010 8:11 pm

Absolutely worth investigating. Even as a current Exetel Mobile/ADSL2+ customer, if there was an option to bundle my existing service together and save even $5/mth I would sign up immediately. Even if it locked me into a 24 or 12mth contract.

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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by scottb721 » Fri Sep 10, 2010 8:55 pm

I'm already an Optus Mobile customer on a corporate cap plan and expect to continue that at my next renewal.
Would I get to keep choosing Optus plan options at each renewal or would I have to move it to Exetel so they supply me the Optus service ?
I also use Exetel VOIP so long distance bundling may be pointless.

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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by jmdacey » Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:21 pm

I am a "light" mobile user. I currently pay $25/month for mobile with Virgin and my wife has a $40/month plan with Telstra (I think both are now out of contract). We pay approx $15/month for VOIP through MyNetFone (I set this up several years ago and can't be bothered resetting up my router again to change to Exetel) and now $65/month for ADSL2 with Exetel (am a very happy 5+ year member with Exetel). That equates to $145/month for telco related expenses. Any discount would be welcome.

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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by NME#1 » Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:30 pm

I find one of the biggest issues with the Exetel mobile service are the charge rates on HSPA plans such as WM C where a mobile service is bundled with a wireless data service - at 25c per 30 sec this is comparatively expensive when compared to say pennysim. The data charge rates are good though but I would like to see more competitive pricing on voice charges.

Would these new discounts apply to mobile users on the HSPA plans (i.e. the Optus network) or just the per minute plans (vodafone)?

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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by jorgi » Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:04 pm

I am still on a contract, so bundling with another contract period is not appealing. Also, Optus mobile coverage is the worst I have seen, especially in Wollongong. Then again, I have seen issues in Sydney. Yes, Tesltra is more expensive, but if I can actually use my data in more places, then it ends up better value.
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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by kidd150 » Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:09 pm

Idea seems good, and yes it may work for me if I just look at the purely the $ value.
However, OPTUS?? I just broke off the optus contract (had to pay penalty of ~$400) because I don't get reception in my new house. Let's face it, with all those 'not so minor' phone companies (virgin, boost, m3 or m8 ?, simplus, soul, iprimus, dodo, do I need to mention anymore ?) hanging off Optus network, it is bound to fail. The network has more customers than it can handle, and I know new North Ryde tower that Optus is trying to build (my area) is facing steep rejection from community group as it is too close to residential area.
Hooking someone to Optus contract for 24months is cruel to say the least.
I have been using Vodafone since I broke off the Optus plan, and 'YES' it is much better than Optus. Browsing web using my iPhone from Eastwood to City in the train, It was an impossibility using Optus network, but vodafone passed it with flying colours.
I've been with Exetel for close to 10 years now (including on and off period due to move) , and if it takes 24months contract on Optus mobile for Exetel to retain its customers, then I'm sorry but I will have to say goodbye to exetel.

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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by invisible comms » Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:26 pm

eagle241 wrote:I would do this right away if only Optus had the cover Telstra has. I have been on Telstra mobile for 10 years and yes -Telstra is more expensive than Optus but the coverage is there. I see too many of my colleagues moving their iPhone and other smart phone accounts from Optus as they are sick of drop outs - even in the middle of Brisbane
Likewise in metro Sydney with the dropouts. I have made the mistake of putting customers on Exetel/Optus HSPA in metro areas where they *should* have "broadband" speeds, but discovered dropouts are frequent.

Even when I offered Optus a radio tower to put their equipment on where they need it most - shown from experience and also their own engineering records - they turned it down. Until they have the reliable coverage and reliable data speed and connection that Telstra has, I will be sticking with Telstra for mobile.

VHA/3 rang me a while back and said they would be reselling Telstra NextG850. I didn't believe them and probed deep, but they stuck to it. Would that be an option for Exetel? If NextG was available via Exetel, I would buy and promote it.

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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by David R » Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:49 pm

I think a flat pricing scheme of $A30.00 for 10Hours capped Voice 1GB of Data +a $10.00 discount to the combined ADSL would simplify the picture for everyone evaluating MobileExertel. If Optus aren't in the market to undercut Telstra' pricing in any way meaningful, then I'm not sure what they're good for. Further, I believe Optus will offer that 10Hour cap just when enough people get tempted by MoIP *and* from the reports on their quality network that wouldn't concern much difference beyond technical setup.
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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by Spruik » Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:56 am

I have just read your email re discounts for bundling with Exetel. Since I joined Exetel I have been told (one way or another) "this is how we do it, live with it", based on the premise that Exetel provide the best value for money around. I work in a service industry and I could not imagine treating my customers with the contempt and arrogance that Exetel do (even if I was wiping my conscience with my Conservation handkerchief).

If I could have an actual idea of what you were offering in your proposed 24 mth contract, I could give you an honest opinion. All I am told is that I can save on my broadband, with no detail of what I will have to spend to qualify. Call me cynical, but the devil might be in the detail.

P.S. It must be scary that you have customers churning to Telstra at all!

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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by TheToid » Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:12 am

This is a great idea, but I wouldn't be caught dead with optus (or Vodafone once I'm out of contract) for mobile services, the coverage is just way too poor, unfortunately I have vowed to never go with anyone except telstra again for mobile phone services. At least until the service coverage improves. I am with Vodafone right now and I can't even get a solid mobile call to work at home, I live in Caboolture QLD area.

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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by antoniov » Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:14 am

I too have been with exetel for several years; however the changes that have occurred more recently and the way they have been enacted have me looking for an alternative. Fax service increased five fold, the moment I start using sms I receive an email to state the rate will be double. For over 12 months I have attempted to get a better adsl service, however adsl 2 has not been available, yet at the same time I am penalized for having to stay on adsl 1 with extra charges applied because I do not go under a new contract. How about simply rewarding your loyal customers, instead of manipulating them into complicated options and bundles, like the other big telcos. The reason I liked exetel is because they kept it simple.

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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by Observer » Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:26 am

If my Exetel provided Optus HSPA is an example of Optus mobile coverage, then I will stick with Vodafone for now. I am on Sydney's Northern Beaches, which has a lot of hills and black spots. However, I am a strong Exetel supporter and I appreciate the value in using your services wherever they meet my needs. Keep up the good work.

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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by Ravenous » Sat Sep 11, 2010 12:17 pm

No thanks if it involves mobile 'cap' plans that I avoid like the plague. If a good set of per minute plans with a range of minimum spend options were offered, I would give it some serious thought.

The Exetel HSPA 900 MHz (Optus YesG) coverage out in the regions has been nothing short of superb. 2100Mhz in metro is OK so long as I am outside/near a window. I use a Nokia E71 which is UTMS 2100/900 MHz capable.

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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by kogi » Sat Sep 11, 2010 1:30 pm

Bundling with the Optus Mobile network will not attract me. I've had enough of the crap Optus network. Telstra all the way now.

I have also switched the office line to the Optus Fusion Bundle. I got for $99 , 20gb internet plus unlimited phone calls (Yes, all national and all mobiles, including 13** numbers)
Might not be a good deal for some, but for the office I make a lot of calls and only use the internet in peak times.


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Re: ADSL Plans/$10 - $25 Per Month Discounts

Post by knthrak » Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:35 pm

I'd like to see any extra discounts I can. I've just churned here last month after 6 years with aaNet (yeah, long time).

We pay line rental to telstra each month and make no calls, $25 a month simply to have a line to get adsl
We have two android phones ~$50/month each with optus, once again, not making calls, simply using data.
We have 1.5Mbp DSL here with Exetel @ $40/month

It works out as ~$160 a month, for basic internet connectivity (Can't even get DSL2 here). Any extra discount that can be offered would be brilliant.

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