ADSL2 With Wire Line Option

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Re: ADSL2 With Wire Line Option

Post by ForumAdmin » Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:41 am

vbap wrote:Have noticed the recent Optus fusion promotions increasing downloads limits to 500gb or 1TB, with no excess (ie shaped).
I assume the proposed $60 plan is a variation of the $99 OPtus Fusion retail plan?

Have a couple of concerns reading the details on these plans (which in general are quite attractive, and if Exetel can snag a $60 version, that would be great).

The Optus retail quota, while eliminating peak/offpeak, also eliminates uploads/downloads ie it is a pure traffic quote, 24x7, in any direction. 500gb should still more than cover a "reasonable" user, (certainly in my case) but just wanted to clarify.

The home phone call rates for the non-free stuff (which includes free 13/1300 calls - great!) are
* Standard Calls to non-Optus GSM mobiles within Australia 37c per min ($2.50 Cap for up to 20 minute calls)
* International calls to UK, Canada, USA, NZ, Republic of Ireland 18c per min
[All other int. destinations have various rates]
The mobile rate for non-Optus are quite reasonable for PSTN, but reading the fine print, it seems it is $2.50 for first 20mins, then 37c per minute after that - so a 1min call or a 10 minute call would cost $2.50??? Would like that clarified!
If we offer such plans they would not be re-sells of Optus plans.

We haven't made any decisions yet and we haven't got final details from Optus.

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