New Version Of Automated FAQ

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New Version Of Automated FAQ

Post by ForumAdmin » Thu Mar 03, 2011 12:01 pm

As you may know we have been trying to develop an AI version of the FAQ for some time.

Progress has been made with the new engine but the data base needs populating and we need some help from our customers to ask questions in their particular syntax and idiom to make the system usable.

If you havethe time we would appreciate it if you could go here:

and ask some questions which will, eventually, help make this function useful.

Any comments/suggestions you care to make here would also be appreciated.

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Re: New Version Of Automated FAQ

Post by CoreyPlover » Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:17 pm

Seems very hit and miss to me. I made some trial questions based on a few recent forum posts:

Q: "I've been overcharged on my last mobile phone bill"
A: It is very likely that your VoIP device has a backup system which automatically switches to the current voice service provider when the VoIP service is down."
(Very irrelevant)

Q: "Can i keep my keeping my optus adsl2 port when moving?"
A: "No. A new contract period will start."
Relevant, but incorrect due to the newer Optus relocation deals that continue contracts on relocation

Q: "I changed IP address and now my connection is very slow"
A: "To change the account owner of you VoIP service, email from your nominated email address by making a request to change the account holder for VoIP account."
Completely off-topic. Seems to process the "change" part of the question out of context

Q: "my connection is experiencing a lot of drop outs since upgrading plans"
A: " Plan changes usually come in to effect on the 1st of the following month, unless it is a public holiday or weekend where it will be defaulted to the next business day. Contact the provisioning department if there is any further delay."
Completely off-topic

In fact, the only question I've received a correct response to is:
Q: "My ADSL is really slow"
A: "How to check if your internet is slow with ADSL 1-Telstra service can be found at ... is_slow.3F"


Q: "My ADSL2+ is really slow"
A: "To obtain the eXeTeL ADSL 2+ connection if your current provider is not a participant of SSS transfer, please read the instructions below: You will need to cancel the current ADSL connection and place a new order for ADSL 2+ via the eXeTeL website once the ADSL connection is cancelled completely by removing the ADSL program/ codes from your telephone line. You will not be able to use the Internet until we activate the ADSL 2+ service from our end. It will take five to seven business days for the activation."
Completely off topic again.
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Re: New Version Of Automated FAQ

Post by samarium » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:13 pm

Maybe Exetel should try feeding the first paragraph of new forum posts into the AI, and see what comes out?

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