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Wii U Connection problem, unable to connect to the eshop

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:45 pm
by Bluefist
I am having a odd problem, our Wii U will connect online, the browser, miiverse and the youtube app will work. However, the console will not connect to the eshop (error code 111-1007), update games (error code 105-4207), update itself (error code 105-4207) or confirm its update environment (105-1029). This is a new problem, the console had been working fine until last Friday night since christmas.

I have tried all of the support information on Nintendo's us/au website (ie. power cycle router, change wifi channel, put the console on a fixed ip address, manual dns).

I have also updated the firmware on my router (it is a Billion 5200GRC), reset up my wifi network (WPA2, hidden SSID), tried different wifi security/broadcasting the network name combinations, tried a dmz. I even purchased the Wii U USB Ethernet adapter experienced the same Nintendo network problems on a wired connection.

I rang Nintendo today and was told immediately that it was a ISP problem, and that they had had several Exetel customers already ring. The tech support person I spoke to stated that it was appenetly caused by a recent change to Exetel's network. I was also told that Nintendo AU had already contacted Exetel and been told to have them call Exetel.

So I then rang Exetel, connected to their tech support and found that they had no references to any problems connecting to the Wii U eshop. The rather helpful tech support person changed my static ip (several times) and had me try turning the firewall off on my router (same error codes as above). So with no success, the Exetel tech support person told me that I would need to get the the Nintendo eshop ip/server address so a traceroute could be done. I expressed my doubts that Nintendo AU would part with this information.

So, I'm left with the impression that I may be getting the run around by Nintendo.


Also I have seen this thread which describes a similar problem with the original wii

Re: Wii U Connection problem, unable to connect to the eshop

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:40 pm
by Dazzled
I know zilch about Wiis, and the thought of something so proprietary puts me off. I tried to Google the eshop IP and got nowhere, but if you can't get it anywhere else, at least the modem knows the address it's talking to.

For the common domestic modem-routers you'll need to go to the eshop in Wii, and then log in on the telnet interface (eg telnet cat /proc/net/ip_conntrack will list the current router firewall table info; look under src=<Wii IP> dest=x.x.x.x. It can be large, so do it with nothing else online.