No connection after reactivating my service

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No connection after reactivating my service

Post by Arutha » Sun May 11, 2008 2:42 pm

Hi guys,

Last week I cancelled my wireless service because I was expecting to be leaving Sydney for a few months. That didn't happen and so I got in touch with customer support, who told me if I wanted the service back, I had to open a new account and pay the activation fee again. So I did that, and now I don't get any signal on my modem at all.

Just last week, when I had my "old" account, I got a good signal in exactly the same location. Everything was working fine, great speed, few dropouts. I've moved my modem as high as I can get it, moved it clear of any obstructions, etc. It won't connect anywhere. I got a signal for a few minutes once and it kept dropping out after I connected. I haven't been able to use the connection for more than a couple of minutes in the two days it's been reactivated.

So before I return my modem and cancel my account again, am I missing anything obvious? Do I have to do something special because I reactivated my service? When I first got the modem I remember having to go to a special "activation" page and enter my password.

If it makes any difference I am definitely within the coverage area and as I said previously had no trouble getting a signal. I've checked and replaced the ethernet cable and the power and tested all my settings within Windows, everything is the same as before except the modem's just not getting a signal

Any ideas? :P

Thanks in advance!

James D

Re: No connection after reactivating my service

Post by James D » Sun May 11, 2008 5:37 pm

If you want to send the modem back we will be able to test it for you.

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