slow 3g and stalls

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slow 3g and stalls

Post by ehallein » Wed Jun 03, 2009 10:05 am

I have horrible speeds after 5pm to about 11pm, every night. During the day I can get 2500kb/s at night modem speeds, 100kb/s. However internet stalls occur all the time. Whats frustrating is that if an app is still trying to access the connection, say a browser accessing a stalled web page, then the modem won't start transfer until the connection is closed, by pressing stop on the browser, then I can start transferring data again. This particularly evident with apps that make lots of connections such gtalk, where when using I get stalls every few minutes, which is becoming unacceptable.

So there seem to be 2 separate issues, speed at night (due to oversupplied towers being used when people get home?)

and internet stalling when connections are open (a modem issue, I use the exetel e169, does anyone else have the same issue with different hardware?) this is NOT related to the speed, ie can be superfast and still stall.

I live in Williamstown, melbourne.

can anyone explain why this is occurring?

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