HSPA has stopped working but GSM still works

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HSPA has stopped working but GSM still works

Post by fetzervalve » Sun Sep 20, 2009 3:59 pm

My HSPA service came to a screaming halt Friday afternoon. It had been working fine during Friday and many months before but when I went to reconnect at about 3pm I could connect ok but could not access any websites, my speed stuck on 0kpbs getting the odd blip of about 1.45kbps.

I thought this may be an Optus outage problem as happened a few months before. However it is now Sunday afternoon and there has been no change to the situation.

I can however access the internet by changing my network settings to GSM ONLY where I can surf the net merrily at a blistering 5kpbs! :lol:

I have logged a ticket with support but thought there would be no harm posting on the forum for help too.

I have 3 separate pc's/laptops that I use the wireless connection on and it is the same situation on all 3 - GSM ONLY - so I dont think its a problem at my end unless the modem is fubarred.

I have a Huawei E169 and live in the Wagga area - maybe its is an outage of sorts and it is the weekend after all.

Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.

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