Negotiated HSPA DNS settings don't work

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Re: Negotiated HSPA DNS settings don't work

Post by fsm » Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:19 am

fsm wrote:...I assume the hardware/software is still emulating a serial modem or possibly an ethernet interface to allow one of the automatic methods of IP configuration to work.
In the case of external 3G modems, all I know about, it seems the method for obtaining dynamic configuration information when an ethernet interface is used - commands to a companion serial control interface - is less standardised than one might expect, so maybe all that is required is building/configuring Android with the specifics of how that 'modem' returns that info. Curious though that the IP address of the interface appears to be set even though DNS information isn't being retrieved, so maybe Android is more weird than I expect.

BTW, maybe this page is an alternative to setprop scripting.

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