MAC OSX Snow Leopard Broadband for HUAWEI

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MAC OSX Snow Leopard Broadband for HUAWEI

Post by macosXhelp » Fri Apr 23, 2010 10:59 am

Hi. If your having trouble with MAC OSX 10.6+ and your HUAWEI USB dongle. I have worked out a few things and as it took me so bloody long to work this out i need to share it.
NB. You will need a PC connected to internet to do this! HUAWEI only provide a windows exe application. The Mac software is hidden in this but not accessible as far as i know.
1. Go to this site, ... e=-1&id=66
pick the Model HUAWEI you are using and download the software.
2. Plug in the HUAWEI dongle, load the software onto the computer, and update the HUAWEI dongle driver. Then open the HUAWEI dongle, open file called ‘Mobile Partner’ or ‘Mobile Connect’ up and access internet from your internet provider.
(this process must be done to enable the Mac desktop to be loaded into the HUAWEI dongle)
3. Plug in the HUAWEI dongle into your Mac
(The software will not autorun, you must navigate through the HUAWEI drive like it is a USB stick and find the Mac Application.)
4. Open a finder window and Open the disk image called ‘Mobile Partner’ or ‘Mobile Connect’
5. Search through until you find ‘documents’ and open this
6. Here you will find the application for Mac. Open this
7. Install application
(don’t use the pop-up window it installs called Mobile Connect or Mobile Partner)
8. Upon completed install, Network Preferences should open. If not, open Network from the System Preferences pane
9. You should see HUAWEI mobile in there, select it
10. Name it exetel1
11. Telephone number *99#
12. Check the text box to show modem status in menu bar
13. FYI - You should not have to click any advanced settings but someone else posted this;
(In Advanced Settings)
Vendor : Generic
Model : Dialup Device
[TICKED] Enable Error correction and compression in modem
Dial Mode: Wait for dial tone before dialing
Dialing [TICKED] Tone
Sound [TICKED] On
14. Click apply
15. Then click connect
16. In future always connect via the phone icon in the status menu
Please reply if any errors or problems or questions.

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Re: MAC OSX Snow Leopard Broadband for HUAWEI

Post by Dazzled » Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:32 pm

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