3rd party VoiP service on NBN ZTE Router

VOIP setup and troubleshooting

3rd party VoiP service on NBN ZTE Router

Postby kdmcc500 on Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:31 pm

Hi, Just wondering if anyone has set up or had issues connecting a 3rd party VOIP service on the Exetel supplied NBN ZTE router?

I was using a 3rd party voip service on my old Netgear N600 dls router now having switched to a FTTN NBN connection my 3rd party voip device (Siemens C470 with mynetfone) cannot access their sip server. I have spoke to tech supports at both mynetfone and Exetel and no one seems to know why my service is no longer working. I have searched the router firmware for anything that may be blocking connection but nothing jumps out.
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