Dynalink (RTA1046VW) setup guide for voip

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Re: Dynalink (RTA1046VW) setup guide for voip

Post by Dazzled » Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:13 am

The Dynalink is designed to give VoIP priority, with the PSTN used as a fallback on Port 1 only. If you wish to use one handset you only have a couple of options:
1. Dial the over-ride code (usually ##) in front of every outgoing call, to divert that call to PSTN. If you call only a few people, you can list their numbers in the over-ride table.
2. Unregister the VoIP service with the proxy, and so disable VoIP completely on the device.

For two handsets there are also some options:
1. Use a PSTN only handset plugged into another wall socket, or else a splitter in your only socket. Leave the existing VoIP+PSTN handset in the Dynalink as is.
2. Leave the handset in Phone Port 1 (fallback port) and disable VoIP on that port. Put another handset into Port 2 (no fallback or over-ride) and enable VoIP as the only service on that port.

"Handsets" includes wireless base units. Refer to the FXS/FXO discussion and diagrams on manual p 124. On p 122 the conditions under which the device runs PSTN are listed. To answer your specific question, PSTN mode means no VoIP at all. "Entire number" need not include your state code, 02.

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