Changing from DID-less to DID-Inc. plan

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Graham C
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Changing from DID-less to DID-Inc. plan

Post by Graham C » Sat Aug 02, 2008 9:14 am

Sorry if this has been covered, I am too busy to search through the forum at the moment.

(Q1) I noticed there is no difference between the VoIP plans "Plan B" and "Bundled" apart from one having a minimum charge?. Perhaps this is something that has been overlooked but I see no reason not to cancel my DID-less plan and order a new "Plan B" plan with no minimum spend.

(Q2) If I do make the above plan change I will need to change settings in my modem, right? Yes or no answer is fine, I will figure out what changes will need to be made.

Also I have a suggestion. When rolling my mouse over the 'Residential' menu to find VoIP I realised there is no description anywhere as to what VoIP actually is. I suggest you consider changing the title to 'VOIP Telephone Services' or something along those lines, for those amongst your current and potential customers who are oblivious to this cost-cutting service. Also perhaps a link at the top of the VoIP page [linking] to an infomation page explaining what VoIP is may help. Whilst these change might not generate many orders directly, it would have to increase awareness. I hope this suggestion is forwarded to the appropriate staff member for evaluation.

Martin V

Re: Changing from DID-less to DID-Inc. plan

Post by Martin V » Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:19 am

The settings that you will need to change are the username and password.

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