sending faxes with V210P

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sending faxes with V210P

Post by ahas » Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:08 am

has anyone successfully sent faxes using the V210P?

I set my brand new V210 up from scratch, successfully sent 1 fax (to my fax to email fax number), but have been unable to send successfully since......other fax machine answers, my fax machine times out with a no answer response.

reset back to factory defaults, still cant send
changed codec to G.711, still cant send
changed payload to 96, still cant send
t.38 is enabled by default (even tried with t.38 disabled)
According to the user manual:
T.38 support
Fax Pass-through
In fax pass-through mode, UDPTL packets are not used. Fax communication between the two fax machines is carried out entirety in-band over a voice call (over RTP). The ATA is aware that the call in progress is a fax call and not voice call. If during a voice call, the CED/CNG fax tones are recognized, then the VoIP Gateway will change the voice codec to G.711, and if necessary, turn off echo cancellation (EC) and voice activity detection (VAD) and adjust the jitter and reorder buffers to fix the network delay for the duration of the call.
T.38 support mode
T.38 provides an ITU-T standards-based method and protocol for fax. In this mode, the ATA will establish a normal voice call and switch to T.38 fax based on the detection of fax tones. This will cause the ATA to renegotiate the session parameters with new T.38 parameters. The rest of the fax signaling and data is then encapsulated and sent in IFP packets. The ITU-T T.38 defines the behavior for both Internet Aware Fax Devices (IAF, network aware fax machine) and gateways connected to G3FE (Group 3 Fax equipment). This ATA supports both kinds of behaviors.
can supply the v210p syslogs if needed.


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Re: sending faxes with V210P

Post by VoIP Admin » Tue Aug 19, 2008 9:13 am

Sending Fax from voip is still at premature stage. I've tested with v210 previously. It work but intermittently.

New sip server was in placed on 15 Aug replacing our old server. Could you please try again if that work or not? please try with G.711 codec with 20ms packet interval.

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Re: sending faxes with V210P

Post by jokiin » Tue Aug 19, 2008 9:56 am

VoIP Admin wrote: New sip server was in placed on 15 Aug replacing our old server.
Any new features with the new server, I've only recently started using the VOIP service but have noticed its a fairly basic offering

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