Answering machine not detecting hang up

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Answering machine not detecting hang up

Post by gedm » Wed Mar 25, 2009 4:56 pm

I have a Billion 7402VGP with VOIP ATA built in. I have a Telstra 7100a cordless phone/answering machine plugged into the VOIP port.

I have been using VOIP for a couple of years now with Engin and everything has been working fine. I churned my ADSL2 to Exetel a few months ago, and started using their VOIP service a couple of days ago. Here is the problem, when I was using Engin the answering machine worked fine. It immediately stopped recording when the person leaving the message hung up. Now that I've gone to Exetel, whenever someone calls on the Exetel DID the answering machine doesn't detect when the caller hangs up and keeps recording the engaged signal after the hangup. It works fine when someone calls the PSTN (normal) number, but doesn't work when they call on the VOIP number.

I changed the settings back to Engin and it worked fine again, so it seems to be something with the Exetel VOIP service.

Any ideas?


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