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Re: Calling Mobile Numbers

Post by jokiin » Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:39 pm

Chris B wrote:Hi Jokin. Thanks for replying.

Actually the problem is now fixed! I emailed the Exetel Help Desk again, they replied promptly, and they have now made an adjustment on the Exetel end which has fixed the problem (ticket WFF-81447-415). Great news, and good service in the end.

I have asked them to tell me exactly what the change was that they made, just so I have some information in case it happens again. Do you happen to know if they can make adjustments to each individual connection? It seems like it in my case.

My codecs are G711a, G729, G711u, and G723. I know Exetel advise G729, but the G711a has been giving me good quality calls.
What would you suggest?
you can set your priority but just make sure to allow all or some call types can fail, if they have changed something on their end though then it is likely an unrelated issue, good to know you're sorted now anyway

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