VoIP Setup Draytek Vigor 2710Vn

VOIP setup and troubleshooting
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VoIP Setup Draytek Vigor 2710Vn

Post by astromo » Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:05 pm

After considerable frustration and lack of useful communication from Exetel, I finally worked out how to set up my ADSL/VoIP router. In the end, the final hurdle to making the phone side of things work was stupidly simple.

The VoIP setup guides that are published don't include Draytek routers. For sake of completeness, I've included prints of all the settings that I've applied to my router. All I can say is that they work for me. The settings of the relevant configuration pages are in the attached zip file under the file name:
Vigor2710 VoIP Settings.pdf

The final key in the puzzle was the account password. Exetel kept telling me it was the password that I'd been sent when the ADSL account was set up and that I successfully used to access the internet via the router but that's incorrect. The password to use is found in the Member's Area at Manage Services - VoIP Account Settings, Modify VoIP Services. An example document is the 2nd pdf in the zip file under the name:
Exetel Members Facilities VoIP Account Settings.pdf
I found this out by stumbling across the information and out of desperation just giving it a go. Thanks Exetel for the helpful advice [note - sarcasm intended].

For info the Display Name, Account Number/Name and Authentication ID are the account phone number shown in the document as:
Where your full User ID would show up as:

Hope that's clear enough and helpful for people in my position of prior ignorance. Now, I think I'll just go for a drive and scream out the frustration with the stereo on full bore.
Draytek Vigor 2710 VoIP Settings.zip
Vigor2710 VoIP Settings
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Re: VoIP Setup Draytek Vigor 2710Vn

Post by CoreyPlover » Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:11 pm

Thanks for the effort of posting this stuff astromo, I'm sure others will find it helpful (I'll make it a sticky too).

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Re: VoIP Setup Draytek Vigor 2710Vn

Post by astromo » Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:35 pm

Happy to help Corey.

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Re: VoIP Setup Draytek Vigor 2710Vn

Post by Pommiegit » Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:02 pm


Lucky for you they don't post home addresses on this forum because I'd be coming around to give you a big hug and maybe even a sloppy kiss.

I couldn't believe my luck when I found your ultra helpful post following six solid hours of frustration. I was in a dark hole and then the light shone in!!! :D

Thank-you for going to the trouble of putting it out there.

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Re: VoIP Setup Draytek Vigor 2710Vn

Post by TheBenjiManCan » Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:53 am

Who's got the added option on their plan that basically includes all calls to National land-line and Optus mobiles ? Read-on...

I used to run all my calls over VOIP to keep call costs down.
6 months ago I switched to a plan that, as a bonus, gave me the included National & calls to Optus mobiles, which it seems you would normally pay an extra $10/month for.
Made me start thinking how I can take advantage of this and minimise my call costs even further, without having to think about it .......enter the 2710VN's DialPlan/DigitMap

These days I now route:
i) 0011 international out the VOIP
ii) 1300,1800 out the PSTN (only cos for me, the PSTN line is actually a tad clearer. call cost is the same either way)
iii) 000 out the PSTN (for obvious reasons),
iv) calls to known Optus prefix mobile numbers** out the PSTN,
v) calls to any other mobile number out the VOIP (anything beginning 04)
vi) everything else out the PSTN line .... which at this point is pretty much 13, local + national land-line calls anyway. I'm sure there are others that fall in this bucket, but I don't use em, so don't care.

** - Note: An Optus mobile number ported to another service provider is no longer an Optus number, it would screw this up, and you'd pay the hefty PSTN call rates. Soln: Add that specific number to the digit map to go out the VOIP line in future.

It all works a treat for me. I hope it can do the same for you.
I was going to upload a screen snapshot of my configuration, but got an error saying 'Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached' So, sorry folks.

Best you educate yourself on exactly how the digit map works before you blindly go configuring it .... if you stuff it up, and your call costs actually increase as a result, don't be blaming me !

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