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Alternative free Softphone to X-Lite 4

Posted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 10:40 am
by PM
I was recently searching for a free alternative to CounterPaths X-Lite 4 Softphone, which I was having some issues with, not to mention the need to disable all enabled codecs except G711 aLaw in the setup. Eventually I stumbled across Express Talk from NCH Software.
The free download link is also avaliable.
Like CounterPath, there is a free version of Express Talk that works really well and has a UI that is not as messy and cluttered as X-Lite 4. Setup is simple, and there isn't the codec issue affecting audio throughput as for X-Lite. I had to make sure the Exetel preferred port number was used, and am pleased with the audio quality.

On my entry level Android HTC Wildfire phone I found Sipdroid (available from the Android market) to be a great free VOIP SIP application. I use it to make calls on the same VOIP account when My phone is connected through WiFi.