CloudPBX, intermittent double ringtone issue

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CloudPBX, intermittent double ringtone issue

Post by jeremyhall » Fri Mar 23, 2012 4:11 pm


Some of our users on cloudPBX (FreePBX) are occasionally experiencing double ringtones during calls. Two ringtones are heard while the call is dialling/connecting, and then when the other end picks up, one ringtone continues through the call. Apparently the other end can hear it, though noone ever mentions it; they must think it's their phone system! :lol:

Here is a .WAV recording (about 1MB, forum doesn't allow .wav upload) in which the persisting ringtone problem can be heard about 11 seconds in (the voice that can be heard is the call recipient's IVR):

- This problem is only happening intermittently and I can't reproduce it
- If the users keep redialling the number, eventually they will get through without the second ringtone
- We haven't noticed any pattern to this

Any ideas on where the issue might be, and how to troubleshoot/eliminate it?

We are using the Blink 0.2.7 Win softphone client.


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