603 Declined when trying to place two calls at once

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603 Declined when trying to place two calls at once

Post by sstteevvee » Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:30 pm


I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem with making calls through Exetel VoIP, getting a SIP "603 Declined" when we tried to make a second simultaneous International call.

- One Exetel RV15 VoIP account
- Trixbox server, with Linksys SPA942 phones
- Exetel trunk set up, with the maximum number of channels set to 4
- No problems in the past (at least, no complaints from others here in the office)

What happened:
- One outgoing phone call active to a phone number in Thailand
- Tried to make a second outgoing call to a phone number in the USA
- Got "Service Unavailable" showing on the phone.
- Asterisk logs show this (phone number final digits x'd out, date and time is Sydney time):

[Mar 14 11:06:00] VERBOSE[17097] logger.c: -- Called exetel_trunk/001117195xxxxxx
[Mar 14 11:06:00] VERBOSE[17049] logger.c: -- Got SIP response 603 "Declined" back from
[Mar 14 11:06:00] VERBOSE[17097] logger.c: -- SIP/exetel_trunk-091d28c8 is busy

I thought I might have hit up against a maximum number of outgoing calls, but I thought it would be higher than one! About 15 minutes later, I was able to make a second outgoing call to an Australian mobile (while the outgoing Thailand was still going) without problems.

Any suggestions as to what the problem was?

Can anyone tell me the maximum number of outgoing channels allowed on a single Exetel VoIP account?

Is this maybe just that Exetel itself was overloaded?

We want to do a phone conference with our various distributors around the world, so this is a bit of an issue for us!



Re: 603 Declined when trying to place two calls at once

Post by lodperera » Thu Mar 14, 2013 3:46 pm

Hi Steve,

You have a residential grade service, hence simultaneous international calls have been deactivated by default for security reasons.

I've just changed the settings 8) Please check now.

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