Mobile international pricing: Exetel web page error?

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Mobile international pricing: Exetel web page error?

Post by roberte » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:38 pm

I am somewhat confused by charges for calls when overseas. From the Exetel web pages, under Residential Mobile, under the link at the left-hand toolbar "Mobile - International", i.e. ... tional.php

There is also "Mobile - Other Charges",, and on that page there are International Roaming charges.

The two are rather inconsistent!

The first says "All Calls Are Charged Per Second" and e.g. USA is 34c. Now that is a very expensive rate. If in fact the charges are 34c per minute, but charged per second, thus about 0.5c/second, that is surely too low.

The second has USA at $1.35 per minute and text at $0.82 each.

Some old stuff on the forum suggests that Exetel charge Vodafone World plus 10%:
"Our global roaming pricing is based on Vodafone World and are 10% above the pricing on Vodafone's site".

Looking at ... /index.htm I see that calls in the USA are $1.25 per minute, text is 75c. Add 10% and the prices are consistent with the second web page (Mobile - Other Charges).

So I will assume that the second web page is more meaningful - but what does that other page of prices mean? Is there some way to access 34c/min charges while in the US (perhaps Exetel can sell a SIM such that we pay local charges when in the US?)?

Otherwise - Exetel, can you fix that erroneous web page?

Thanks from a happy Exetel customer (ADSL2, HSPA and now 3 x mobile)

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Re: Mobile international pricing: Exetel web page error?

Post by cubic » Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:39 am

International pricing relates to calls made from Australia to another country. International roaming is making calls from another country, thus using the overseas carrier's mobile network and incurring whatever charges they feel like applying. Naturally the prices are very different. The best way to get cheap calls while overseas is to buy a pre-paid sim while you're there.
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Re: Mobile international pricing: Exetel web page error?

Post by ExetelVoice » Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:08 am

Charges are per minute, but billed per second - if that makes sense.

ie the per minute rate ($0.34 per minute in this case) is the charge per minute but you are billed per second.
So, for a 45 second call you are charged for 45 seconds (75% of one minute), not one minute in total - as some providers do.

To clarify,

1. we have our own global roaming rates. (The 10% on Voda rate is erroneous)
2. International call rates are different to global roaming rates. The former is when you make international calls from Australia, the latter when you are traveling in other countries and make calls.

We will get the erroneous text on web pages fixed.

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