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Preparing for port to WM-C plan

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:22 pm
by Klaas
Earlier this week I put in an order for WM-C, porting my Optus iPhone service to Exetel.

I see that the mobile number is in the "Manage Services | HSPA" section, with a SIM card number assigned, so I'm assuming that the SIM card is in transit.

So now I have a couple of (probably dumb) questions:
- I'm guessing that voice call history will show up in the "Manage Services | HSPA" by clicking on the "Voice Usage" button - can I also view it via "View Usage | Mobile" menu?
- At what point should the Optus service stop? I presume once I replace the SIM and activate it, but are there any gotcha's to this scenario?

On the bus home tonight, the Optus service dropped out (in the middle of a call, too) and the iPhone was "searching" for rest of the trip home. I thought at first that Optus had pulled the plug, as this had not happened to me before. When I got home, I turned the phone off and on, I got service again.