New Mobile Plans (13/10/10)

Mobile phone plans, SIM card activation and porting issue
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New Mobile Plans (13/10/10)

Post by dbryar » Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:12 pm

Like every other user I'm pretty sure everyone, regardless of your notifications settings for email, just got this bit of spam
New Mobile Plans Giving Big Discounts From Your ADSL Monthly Charges
... contents of email ...
Well I read this as Exetel usually do have good deals on communications but I nearly fell off my chair with the "fine print"
$0.25 per SMS
Well that is about 5x-25x more than everyone else (especially considering most Optus Cap Plans are free and unlimited
$0.275 per MB excess data rate.
That is $280 per GB, or about 8x-10x more than a wireless broadband plan.
$0.385 flagfall
Holy smoking phone bill Batman! $38.5c on every phone call that is made. Not answered, made. Why do you think voicemail and "the person you are calling is unavailable" messages were inroduced by Telcos.
$0.99 per minute call rate
$1 a minute! Jebus! And that is on top of the 38.5c you just paid to dial 8 digits.

What do you really get for your money before the phone bill goes in to astronaut territory? well, lets break it down.
$14/mo - 18 calls (3 mins) and 29 Exetel-Exetel calls
$19/mo - 49 calls (3 mins) and 44 Exetel-Exetel calls
$35/mo - 131 calls (3 mins) and 131 Exetel-Exetel calls
$59/mo - 245 calls (3 mins) and 590 Exetel-Exetel calls

For every additional minute per call, take 0.3 of a call off your allowance (so 10 minutes extra on ones calls uses the cost of 3 calls).
For every 27 text messages, take another 2 calls off.

Better not exceed your cap, or that $20 discount on your ADSL is certainly not going to be a loss for Optus, they'll be making that up in spades on your mobile bill.

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Re: New Mobile Plans (13/10/10)

Post by Pfitzy » Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:09 pm

Depends what you want from your phone I guess. I look at moving from existing Cap 20 to the new Cap 35, and with the reduction in ADSL cost by $15 the move starts out as cost-neutral. Tick!

With the $35 plan I get $440 included value compared to $160 that I get now - that is 175% upwards. I pay 60c per minute on the existing plan. The increase is therefore 39c per minute or 65% upwards, so the included calls outstrips the call cost easily. Tick!

With my current plan I get 100Mb included. New 35 cap I get 1Gb. Tick!

Excess usage cost is a bit of a problem, but then self control is something the average postpaid mobile user should possess, or they're going to get into trouble regardless.

And at least being Optus, I can get some decent coverage when I'm beyond sight of the nearest built-up area.

I think I'll look into it.
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Re: New Mobile Plans (13/10/10)

Post by Spectator » Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:34 pm

Holy over-reactions dbryar!!

Sounds like you need to take a chill pill. If you don't like it don't buy it but when you take all the discounts into account I think these are pretty good deals. The $35 plan which costs you $20 after the $15 discount gets you 131 calls versus 59 calls on the per minute 'YO' plan which costs $30. You also get 1GB of data included which would cost you $25 on the Exetel wireless plan. Seems like an ok deal to me.

I do agree with you that exceeding your cap could be costly though. There is usually a delay in Optus data usage stats (up to 2 days) so users should keep that in mind.

Unfortunately I think the Aussie mobile scene will continue to be dominated by cap plans that overinflate call costs so they can have higher "included value". I think there are 3 possible outcomes with these plans:
1 - user buys bigger cap than needed to avoid the high call costs
2 - user always uses around cap limit
3 - user goes over and has to pay high call costs outside cap.

Telco wins on at least 2 of those.

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Re: New Mobile Plans (13/10/10)

Post by dbryar » Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:45 am

Maybe a slight over reaction given the standard consumer 'cap' plans that are semingly the norm these days, but the main point is the excess charges, they are just way over the top, even for a cap plan. At a dollar a minute, if you exceed your cap and your can potentially double your phone bill in 15 minutes. $1 a minute is by far the highest I've seen recently, but then again, the last time I looked was 18 months ago.

I'll admit that I am on a business plan and we pay 12c a minute to anywhere in Australia and get free SMS, plus totally free company to company calls regardless of fixed or mobile termination, so all I see is the massive increase in the 'included value' with the similar increase in the excess charges. You're right that the Telco wins on 2 of those scenarios, but even on the third one the telco still wins (by the user not getting the full 'value' out of their plan each month.

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Re: New Mobile Plans (13/10/10)

Post by Spectator » Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:20 am

Yes I've recently just signed up for a mobile plan (on similar rates without the discounts but with included handset) so didn't get the shock you did. For me it was about the cheapest way to get the phone and data usage I wanted and the cost is spread over 2 years.

Sad that this type of marketing has proven so successful (just to be clear that's not a criticism of exetel).

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Re: New Mobile Plans (13/10/10)

Post by djevoultion » Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:36 pm

I Couldn't find any better plans for $20 a month, so seems like exetel is the go, I've ordered Both Cap35 and Cap19 plans, I'll let you know how it turns out.

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Re: New Mobile Plans (13/10/10)

Post by crazyhawk » Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:58 am

hi there

If I order theCap35 plan and after 1 or 2 months I decide to switch to the Cap19 plan, is this easily done? Or would I have to order a new sim & pay the $20 activation?


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Re: New Mobile Plans (13/10/10)

Post by Nemo » Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:22 pm

I'm thinking of changing to new plan as well (cap35) - but I'm concerned about coverage (I'm in Melbourne)
For those who are already using new cap plans with Optus coverage - is it stable? Cause currently with my old plan (on Exetel\Vodafone) I have some "gaps" in service while riding in the traing...

But this 1Gb of mobile data looks really tempting (especially for online radio) ;-)

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