MOIP on Nokia E71

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MOIP on Nokia E71

Post by dom201179 » Fri Jun 17, 2011 9:35 am

Hey guys, just joined the forum.

I'm on the CAP10 plan, and have downloaded the MOIP app to my Nokia E71. It seems to be quite a cumbersome way of making calls, as compared to just simply using a Voip service through the phone's own SIP settings, which allows you to choose either a Voip call or a standard call from your mobile upon dialling.

We have our home phone and ADSL2 with Exetel, which comes with a free Voip number. Looking at the Voip pricing, 22 cents a minute to mobiles from that number is considerably more than 15 cents with the MOIP app.

Anyone got any idea how to streamline it so that we can take advantage of MOIP prices without having to open the App every time we decide to make a Moip call?


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Re: MOIP on Nokia E71

Post by kudabird » Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:40 am

Hi Dom,

The Nokia E71 should have a native SIP client. I have an E51 so assuming the menu is the same check for Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> SIP Settings. Create a profile and copy as needed for WiFi, 3G etc. When you make a call, you choose 'internet call' and you can do this from any of your contacts. You can also get a download from Nokia that allows further customisation such as if you want to change CODEC order.

I would suggest however that you're on the wrong plan really for MoIP. CAP10 plan has included call value so unless you know you will exceed the call value inclusion then is MoIP necessary? The 100MB inclusion may also be limited as it may not be enough to allow 3G SIP registration full-time if you want to use the DID for incoming calls. You may also want to move the G.729 codec to first priority as it uses less data.

If full time MoIP is your eventual goal, a mobile data plan is probably a better option and if you know your data usage is or will be low, perhaps a PAYG plan such as WBP mightbe a better fit.

Good luck,

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