Blackberry Setup Procedure

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Blackberry Setup Procedure

Post by brianh » Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:31 pm

I hope this could be made a "sticky", or added to the Wiki - failing that, hopefully it will be incorporated into the information provided to customers, to avoid any confusion. I have re-worded my earlier effort to try to make it a bit clearer. Feedback welcome.

Following is a set up procedure for Exetel Blackberry plans provided by Optus. This is drawn from my own knowledge and experience, not from any previously published material, so apologies in advance for any lack of clarity.

The paragraph below is relevant to any BB plans or services offered by any Telco.

"Exetel services provided by Optus operate on the 900 megahertz (MHz) and 2100MHz frequency ranges.

There are two models of Blackberries – the ones for Telstra “Next G” operate primarily on 850MHz.

You must ensure your phone is compatible with the Optus frequencies or operation will not take place at the expected 3G speed in the corresponding coverage areas. Check Blackberry support forums for Australia if you are unsure.

Blackberry Activation set up procedure

Activation involves establishing 3 services - voice, data (SMS) and internet/email services. Unlike other phones, Internet and email services are provided through the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS).

Set up of the BIS relies on the correct setting of the APN, Browser and email settings on your Blackberry.

The steps are as follows:
- Activate the Exetel supplied SIM card through the Member Facility’s Activation interface, using the Username and Password supplied with the SIM card.
- If porting, you need to wait for the network to become unavailable on your existing SIM. This may involve resetting your phone by performing a battery pull (powering cycling off & on is not sufficient for Blackberry devices).
- Install the Exetel SIM and establish that voice and data services (SMS) are operating.
- Set APN as per the information provided with your SIM card (this is likely to be 'BLACKBERRY').
- In your Blackberry menu, go to the "Options" icon and select "Options / Advanced Options / Browser" and verify that the Browser is set as follows:
· Default Browser Configuration: "Internet Browser"
· Default MDS Browser Confifuration: "Internet Browser"
· Default WAP Browser Configuration: "Optus Zoo"
NOTE: Failure to ensure the correct APN and Browser settings may result in data being charged to your account at a higher rate than expected. You can check your Data Usage from your Member’s Facility web page.

- To configure email settings, go to the "Setup" icon, then select "Email Settings". This should connect you to the Email server for the BIS, where you can configure the email addresses to be associated with your Blackberry device. (Service Books can also be re-sent from this menu area, when needed.)

Some users prefer to access the BIS from a computer via the web page. This can be useful if the email settings need to be changed when the Blackberry phone is unavailable for any reason.

BIS Login via computer cannot be set up from the web page, only from the Blackberry itself. The particular type of Email connectivity provided on this plan initially allows the user to manage emails from the device only, and assumes they don't want, or need, to use a separate computer to do this.

This feature (i.e. accessing the BIS from a separate computer) is still available through the “Email Settings” menu on the Blackberry device. There is an option in the Email Settings menu to set up a User Name and Login. This will then allow the user to log in to the BIS web page at from any computer, to configure email settings or re-send Service Books if needed.

This requires a separate set-up, as explained in the following steps.

· Once configured, this cannot be undone.

· The user name and password used to set up this access must then be used to login in to Email Settings each time (but can be remembered by the device, to speed up login).
· Following this step, any email address already configured on the device will need to be validated again by entering the email account's password, before the device will continue to receive emails from that address.

- Once in the Email settings, press the "menu" button and select .....create user name/login?? (Not sure as I can't see this any more, I have already done it & can't go back to check..... :( )
- Enter the User Name and Password you wish to use and confirm the Password. Press "OK" to submit.
- The device should connect to the Email Server and create the login using the name and password you entered.
- When you return to the Email Settings in the Blackberry, it will display the Login page with the User Name and Password. You then select "Login" to proceed to the email settings in the device. (You can also select “remember me on this device” to speed up login)
- You should now also be able to access the BIS web page at on any computer’s web browser, by entering your user name and password to configure email settings via a computer."

I hope that all makes sense. Please let me know if anything needs clarifying.

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Re: Blackberry Setup Procedure

Post by pstanton » Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:07 pm

I'm sure this is either out of date or irrelevant now? Should it still be the first item in the list?

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