Mobile Data Download Query

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Mobile Data Download Query

Post by chalkybones » Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:56 pm


I have 3x Z8 mobile phone plans and 1xM8 mobile phone plan. My wife, my daughter and myself use the Z8 plans and the M8 is a spare. In the past 3 months my mobile data usage has skyrocketed to the level where I exceeded my 200mb limit last month and almost the limit in the previous 2 months. My wife has almost identical mobile habits and she never exceeds her limit or goes close to her limit. To cut a long story short, Exetel have been contacted and conflicting answers were given as to what is and isn't included in the data download. I finally received confirmation from all Exetel parties that Facebook is NOT included in my download limit.

So, my question(s) is…if I use Facebook and I look at a someones page and look at the photos on their Facebook albums, do the photos use my data download? I never look at youtube or external http:// links whilst having mobile data turned on. Is there ANYTHING on Facebook that will use up my download data other than the external links to http:// sites or youtube?

I also have downloaded a few apps (using home wifi instead of mobile date). When I use these apps I turnoff mobile data. Is there any way that data download occurs when mobile data is turned off when using these apps?

When I use home wifi and have mobile data turned off, are the downloads counted towards my data download limit?


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Re: Mobile Data Download Query

Post by KavindaS » Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:10 pm

chalkybones wrote:Hi,

When I use home wifi and have mobile data turned off, are the downloads counted towards my data download limit?

Data usage can be incorrectly counted if you are not using the correct APN. Since you have 4 mobile accounts under your service with us, pleas PM me the mobile numbers you refer so I will look in to this and email you.

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Re: Mobile Data Download Query

Post by pssturges » Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:42 pm

Hi, I have found a similar problem recently with my wife's phone on the cap19 plan. She has been on that plan for at least a couple of years and never been close to the 200mb limit. Suddenly last month she went over and this month she is already 40mb over. The majority of the time she is at home on our wifi so only uses data when she's out and about. Her usage is quite a bit on Facebook and answering work emails with the very occasional google search. Her usage habits certainly haven't changed significantly recently so we are at a loss to workout why the sudden spike.

She has an iPhone 4s, so the APN should be set automatically. Is there any way to determine where the data is going?



Re: Mobile Data Download Query

Post by asankag » Tue Jun 25, 2013 8:38 am

Hi Phil,

Could you send us an email to with all the information including the respective mobile number so that we can investigate your issue and provide you an update.

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