Netgear TA612V - Drop outs after 2 mins 11 sec

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Netgear TA612V - Drop outs after 2 mins 11 sec

Post by compmatt » Mon Sep 29, 2008 9:25 am

Hi Guys,

I have purchased an unlocked Netgear TA612V from MNF to use with Exetel VOIP and it has been working a treat up until I came back from holidays.

Just lately every single phone call will drop out at 2 mins 11 sec with no warning.

I have the settings as per the documentation supplied on the exetel site - im wondering if its more an account issue as any of the calls im making arent showing up in the log....

SIP Proxy:
Port: 5060
Register Expire Time (sec.) 900

Using: G.729ab
QOS is on for the router for my sync speed.

I reset my VOIP password to something shorter than 10 digits as I read that there is a firmware issue with the earlier revisions, its just funny as it was working a treat.

I have remote admin on the router if one of the admins would be able to look at it - or failing that, can someone from accounts check things out?

I wont publish my Phone number on the forum, can you please PM me and ill sent it straight back.



Jared Lee

Re: Netgear TA612V - Drop outs after 2 mins 11 sec

Post by Jared Lee » Tue Oct 07, 2008 12:36 pm

Try this,

- Change codec to G.711a
- disable QoS and Firewall
- username, display name and phone number, make sure it is your DID number and no txt whatsoever
- proxy server address, change it to ip based instead using domain name:
- save and reboot.

If that still fail, install Xlite and register it and see if you get same result. if not, contact Netgear for further support.

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Re: Netgear TA612V - Drop outs after 2 mins 11 sec

Post by jokiin » Tue Oct 07, 2008 6:34 pm

compmatt wrote: Register Expire Time (sec.) 900
suggest setting this to 240, please report back on the results once you have updated it

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