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Re: Mobile Offerings From Exetel

Post by pazmany » Fri Apr 17, 2009 12:28 am

The current system of billing for mobile phones I find very satisfactory, and I would not like to lose this option. My utilization is for a min of calls so I have opted to get a minimal cost plan and pay for excess usage only if I happen to go over. This saves me as I am definitely do not want to pay for calls that I do not make. I also have 3 other family members with various other mobile plans.
But it would be good if you had a range of family plans to bundle say 3 or 4 mobile phones in one package, so that instead of for example having to fork out $5 for each mobile plus excess calls, have joint amount of inclusive calls between each phone in the family, so that if one member cannot make use of their allocation, the other members of the family can take advantage of it.
This could work with varing cap rate plans also within the family.
e.g. dad has $5 plan, Mum has $5 plan, Johnny has $30 cap and Jill has $20 cap. Total cost = $60 of bundled calls.
Dad and Johnny use less than their allocation and spend $3.50 & $21.50 worth of charged calls whilst Mum and Jill go over their allocation and spend $18.50 & $27.00.Mum & Jill woul be credited from the unused calls of Dad and Johnny and the total bill would be $70.50($60.oo+$18.50 excess- $10 creditsfrom Dad and Johnny) instead of $80.50($60.00+ $20.50 excess)
another option would be to have a progressive bundled plan. i.e. $10fee with say 150 units of calls,sms etc, paying by the excess unit until I reach the next cap of say $20 for 400units of calls,sms,etc, thereafter paying for excess usage until the next cap of $30 for 750 units and so on continuing.This woild be calculated and charged automatically. This would be a very popular and fair option as customers would feel like they are paying for what they use with the added benefit of getting more units of calls if they use more .
One of my previous ISP 's (i.e.Pipeline) used this method to charge for dial-up plans and was very popular.
The low end users are not then overcharged for credit not utilized and the high end users get their extra value for money.
How do these ideas sound?

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Re: Mobile Offerings From Exetel

Post by mart » Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:12 am

I'm not on a capped plan - I'm on the mobile 2 plan ($5/month) this is just right for me. I like the per second billing and no flagfall. I have no need for 50 calls per month for $12.50 - that's twice what I spend now. I like what I have now and don't wish to change. I hope its just the capped plans that we are talking about here.

john john
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Re: Mobile Offerings From Exetel

Post by john john » Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:48 pm

One of the key reasons for switching to Exetel for my gps mobile was the inclusion of low data rates within the caps, which I think has gone by the way side on the new caps. Another was the low monthly cost ($20) if I was conservative with calls etc.

The suggested offerings look good but having some attractive balanced voice calls and data plan would help.

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Re: Mobile Offerings From Exetel

Post by aiki » Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:00 pm

One important thing I think, if you can implement it, is free calls Exetel to Exetel. It basically means you can have your family and friends with the one carrier. Mutually beneficial.

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Re: Mobile Offerings From Exetel

Post by xsilver » Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:34 am

I would like if contract offers are made available because of the reason of pricing or other inevitable changes that may occur.
I like to set and forget for 24 months on mobile contracts.
Obviously offering a free mobile is a great bonus also but I think the great exetel pricing means that even a basic mobile offering will make the exetel offering very competitive.
Peace of mind with a 24 month lock in regarding prices is the main thing though.

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