problems problems but simple and resolvable

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problems problems but simple and resolvable

Post by xenek » Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:32 pm

Tried to ask a question. Very hard.

First it took two emails and registering and waiting to create a login to the forum. Then, when I tried to post, I had to login a second time, and use my service number and password for the ADSL service.

While I was looking at this issue, searching for details and waiting for emails, I tried to see about that ground parrot. But the video link is broken - no video. So I got more annoyed.

Then finally in, my post didn't work - it didn't save for some odd reason. But that was probably just a transient error, however, it was annoying as well.

So, now finally, I can try again to ask what I wanted to ask.

Can you put on the exetel wiki the Exetel IP subnet? Someone had blocked some websites and exetel was included in the list. Please let me know or direct me to where I can find the entire exetel subnet range, and I can pass it onto the guy who might still now have a bunch of blocks for exetel customers.



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Re: problems problems but simple and resolvable

Post by Dazzled » Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:37 pm

Now that you are here, welcome xenek.

The registration wait I hope wasn't excessive -- we have a great many potential spammers and trolls to filter. The first bulletin board login will get the usual built-in board facilities, eg private messaging. The second login is needed to post something. It was introduced a fair while ago to cripple some pests who were about then. I'm sorry it's clunky, but the decision came from the top.

It's not hard to determine the IP addresses used, eg mainly 220.233.*.* and 115.70.*.* as well as a few others. Customers are free to maintain their own servers on static IPs, and perhaps from time to time some deserve to be blocked. On the other hand blocking the Exetel mail servers when a customer spams can cause a load of grief.

When an Exetel IP is detected spamming, or spreading malware, it's best to contact Exetel who can check and take quick action. In most cases it's infections unknown to the user.

PS The APNIC database is searchable for this information. Start by searching your own (Exetel) IP, and change the inverse attribute.

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