Fixing Slow/Variable Speeds

Connection issues, drop outs or speed related faults for ADSL and ADSL2+ services
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Fixing Slow/Variable Speeds

Post by ForumAdmin » Wed Oct 13, 2004 3:26 pm

Browsing/Speed Issues

If you are having browsing issues with certain websites or access to specific sites are either slow or timing out, here are a few suggestions to try:

- Check your PC for viruses
- Check for active P2P applications in at the background as they can generate traffic even when they are just sitting in the system tray
- Check the proxy settings in your browser and ensure it's disabled.
- Check the QoS settings in your modem/router if any available
- Change the encryption key in your modem/router (wireless users only) and filter the users based on their MAC addresses
- Check the MTU settings, change the WAN type from PPPoE to PPPoA for a test using LLC as your encapsulation
- Check your firewall settings
- Do a trace to the site you are having problems with and email support with your results once the above steps are checked.
- From the DSL status pages you may see what speed your line is training up to.

Resolving Latency Issues

If first hop itself has poor RTT it means the latency problem is between your PC and the router. Try the followings;

- Check the network configuration of the PC; poor latency can be caused by unnecessary network services or protocols being active in the PC (putting unnecessary traffic on the upstream), or by duplex mis-matches between the PC's ethernet interface and the ADSL modem/router.
- Check for background applications in your PC putting traffic on the network without your knowledge.
- Check for cable problems with the ethernet or USB connection to your ADSL modem/router.
- Check the cable connection to your modem/router, either tighten it or change it.

Disconnection Issues

Over 85% of disconnection faults are related to CPE. Since our focus here is mainly on ADSL1, listed below is a quick check list.

- Make sure the modulation selected is G.DMT not "Auto" or Multimode
- Use LLC as you encapsulation
- Set the idle timeout to "0" to avoid disconnection when the service is idle
- Ensure that you have upto date firmware
- Ensure the phone line extension does not go past any major electrical appliance and that the extension cord is as short as possible
- Delete & recreate a new PPP profile by ( factory resetting your
- Change your WAN type from PPPoE to PPPoA LLC or vice versa for a test

The default reset timer for your DSLAM port is 600 seconds and you may force this manually by powering off your modem/router for 15min. This is highly recommended when your session has been disconnected due to a supplier outage or after a maintenance work.

Once the above steps are checked, you may create a fault ticket providing the following info from your DSL status page:

- Attenuation
- Noise Margin
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