Don't Know Where To Start?

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Don't Know Where To Start?

Post by ForumAdmin » Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:32 am

Welcome to the Exetel User Help Forum

This post aims to help a first-time visitor learn how to use the Forum and its interactive features. It will help you to benefit from the information which has built up over the years that the Forum has existed. Regular visitors will also appreciate having links to important Exetel information, features and services readily available in one place.


Any person who visits this Forum can browse the threads and read the posts. If you wish to post on any thread yourself, you need to become a member of the Forum. To become a member, simply click on the "Register" link at the top of this page, and follow the instructions. Once an Admin activates your account you will be able to start new threads or respond to posts on existing threads.

For further information, see these threads:

How to create a Forum account
How to delete your Forum account
Forum Rules

Searching the Forum

You will find that many questions you have are already answered on the Forum. The Search function, accessed by the link at the top of every Forum page, is invaluable - simply enter your keyword(s) and click the "Search" button at the bottom.

Live Support

To access Live Support, make sure you are logged into the Forum and then simply click on the "Live Support" link at the top of every Forum Page. You will be logged into the chat facility with your Forum user name as your nickname. Exetel staff monitor the chat Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Other helpful Forum users also monitor the chat. The aim is that most of the time you should be able to get rapid answers to your questions.

Interactive FAQ

Exetel has been gradually building a data base of the most commonly asked questions (phrased in many different ways). Click here or click the "Interactive FAQ" link at the top of every Forum page to go straight to this database. Here you can type your question and get an instant response to many of the most common questions.

Exetel Wiki

The Exetel Wiki contains modem and email set-up guides as well as articles, FAQs and other items of interest. The Wiki is constantly expanding so you are encouraged to visit it often.

Exetel Mirror

The Exetel Mirror hosts some full mirrors for our customers' convenience - including - Debian, Firefox, Gentoo, Seamonkey, Thunderbird. Many more files to be added soon.

Network Maintenance / Fault Reporting

Planned/Unplanned Maintenance - Exetel - here you will find details of planned and unplanned maintenance being carried out on those parts of the Network under Exetel's control.

To sign up to an email list whose purpose is to alert you to Exetel maintenance, follow the instructions in this post.

Planned/Unplanned Maintenance - Carriers - here you will find details of planned and unplanned maintenance being carried out on those parts of the Network not under Exetel's control.

Network Fault Logging/Information - how to log a fault, how long it might take to restore your service, and other useful information. Also check out this page and this page on the Exetel website.

The remaining sections in the Exetel Forum, as shown on the Forum Index, are self-explanatory. This is a quick run-down:

ADSL1 Network Issues - post here about connection, speed or drop-out issues.

ADSL2 Network Issues - post here about connection, speed or drop-out issues. It is also recommended that you read this excellent article on the Exetel Wiki about what to expect in a move from an ADSL1 to an ADSL2+ service

Service Set Up Assistance - technical issues, home networking, usage meters, email and webmail issues, webspace hosting issues, mirror issues, and more.

Virus / Spam / Spyware Issues - Exetel can provide the best possible Virus/Spam filtering currently available for a charge of $2.00 per month per email account. You can opt in to and opt out of this service via your User Facilities. If you find an email is wrongly tagged with [SPAM] in the email subject (false positive), please forward it to and, similarly, forward any false negatives to as an attachment (you must send as an attachment to ensure correct processing).

ADSL Modem Issues - remember to also check out the Exetel Wiki for assistance to set up your modem.

Telephone Issues - includes landline, mobile and VOIP.

Administrative Issues - note that specific questions about your invoices/charges cannot be addressed on the Forum, in this case please email the details to

Wireless Broadband Issues - any questions about and issues with the Unwired service.

Help Improve Exetel's Services - suggestions for changes or improvements to Exetel's services are welcome. A great many of the features currently enjoyed by Exetel users were implemented as a result of customer feedback and suggestions.

Changes Or Events That May Be Of Interest To Exetel Users

Finally, become familiar with the power of your User Facilities, accessible by logging in at the Exetel home page. Through your User Facilities you can check the network status and performance at any time, as well as manage most aspects of your ADSL service with Exetel. We recommend that you acquaint yourself with the many options available to you in your User Facilities.