Using Your Exemail service while travelling.

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James D

Using Your Exemail service while travelling.

Post by James D » Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:55 am

Hi All,

There has been a few questions of late as to what customers can do to use their exemail accounts while away.

There are 2 options for using the Exemail accounts while away.

Option 1 - Webmail

The webmail portal is available for any internet connection no matter where you are.

Just go to and enter your full email address for the username and the password that you set for your emails.

Option 2 - Email client.

Using an email client from a laptop or computer will be a little different.

- The POP3 (Incoming mail server) will allow you to download your messages from anywhere (or any IP address)

- The SMTP (Outgoing mail server) will only allow customers connected with an Exetel internet service to send mail.

The best way to get around this is to set the out going mail server to that of the ISP that you are connected to. This will allow you to download the messages from Exetel's POP3 server and you will be able to send mail using the ISP that you are connected to.

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Post by CoreyPlover » Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:48 pm

Option 3 - Use GMail as your outgoing SMTP mail server

The POP3 (incoming mail server) can be used from all connections so long as the authentication is configured correctly.

In place of the SMTP mail server of the ISP you are connected to, you can use GMail's SMTP server to send your messages. See ... sercheck=1 for details.

By default, this method will rewrite the From: field with your Gmail email address, but if you follw the instructions from ... eadid=4857 you can use Gmail's SMTP server to send messages using any alternative, authenticated email address. Just ensure that you use <gmailusername> as your username because if you log into the smtp server using <gmailusername>, it will rewrite the from address to your gmail account.

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Re: Using Your Exemail service while travelling.

Post by tin » Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:09 pm

Has anyone at Exetel considered revisiting this setup? Many people now travel with phones, tablets and laptops and will use dozens of providers as they move around. I'm not sure about you, but I hate farting around with SMTP settings every time I stop somewhere.

I'm not sure if AUTH is allowed now, but that doesn't help for ISPs that block port 25 outbound. I'd also be hesitant to send cleartext passwords over the internet (or even shared LANs such as motels and such). It would be quite handy in such cases to be able to send using TLS over a commonly accepted port (465 or 587) via Exetels SMTP servers, thus saving us from mucking around.

Also worth mentioning is that I'm looking at this because we're using Exetel to host our domain, and the topic has come up where a laptop user can't send from home (Bigpong). My options are the dodgy gmail thing above (not a great plan if GMail is known to rewrite sender addresses) or set up our shop server to allow SMTP inbound for relaying (I'd like to avoid this).
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