Slow Livestream

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Slow Livestream

Post by Disambiguate » Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:50 pm


I'm having trouble with really slow livestream and i dont know who to ask so i thought i would ask here.

I'm not on a very fast connection (1.5mb connection) but in the past livestream has never been slow for me. However in the past week or so it has for some unknown reason become very slow/laggy.

In the past it would use my connections full speed (or atleast close to) but now for some reason it wont go above 5-20kbps useage which causes it to be very slow/laggy.

Everything else works perfectly fine eg web browsing, youtube videos etc etc they all use my full 150kbps but for some reason livestream refuses to go above 5-20kbps.

How can i fix this? I have the latest flash player etc, i have no viruses/spyware that could be causing problems (full version of kaspersky AV along with other malware programs run 24/7 on my machine).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...

edit 1 - It is definitely only livestream that is having this problem where it wont run above 5-20kbps, all other streaming sites run at my max 150kbps, what could be causing this? i have tried registering an account at livestream etc...

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