Terrible experience switching plans

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Terrible experience switching plans

Post by skipgamer » Thu May 22, 2014 4:22 pm

Word of warning out there for anyone thinking of switching their home phone service to Exetel. Don't cancel your current phone provider until it's been switched over. I cancelled my home phone first thinking it wouldn't be an issue, there was absolutely no warning that it would cause a problem, but I'm being charged for a new phone AND ADSL connection ($170) for the simple mistake.

Terrible experience, only sticking with Exetel in the hopes that it wont take them the potential 2 weeks to connect internet to a house that literally already has it from them. Although judging from the competency seen so far, watch this space, my hopes aren't that high after all.


Re: Terrible experience switching plans

Post by Bellag » Thu May 22, 2014 7:04 pm

We regret to hear about the inconvenience caused. We have received your new application and as soon as we receive an ETA on the activation date we will inform you of the same.

To confirm, you need to maintain an active telephone connection and/or ADSL Broadband connection with your current provider if you have elected to transfer the(se) service(s) to Exetel. If you cancel either or both of your telephone or ADSL service prior to transferring to Exetel, you will not be able to retrieve your telephone number and new activation charges will be applicable.

Once the service has been transferred, Exetel will notify you of this at which point you can contact your previous provider and request them to close your accounts.

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