New plan listing could be clearer

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New plan listing could be clearer

Post by Franpa » Mon Oct 12, 2015 2:45 am ... e_details/

This says that I am on the "T - Bundle - 1TB" plan for $57.
When looking at plans I can change to, there is a "T - Bundled - 1TB" plan for $69.99.

Are you aware that adding a "d" to the end of Bundle doesn't exactly make it very obvious that the plan is different at a glance? Not only is it $13 dearer, but it also has peak/off-peak periods too, hopefully I won't be forced on to this dearer, inferior plan in the near future. I was already forced off of a good plan only a few months ago.

Oh also, continues to state the availability of a Unlimited plan even after I enter my phone number in the checker.
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